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Jan 24, 2004 10:07 AM

Blue Claw Crab Eatery in Burlington Township

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Has anyone eaten crabs at this place in NJ? We would welcome your opinions!

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  1. Been there a couple of times. It's a down & dirty (I mean that in a good way) Crab House. Reminds me of similar places in Maryland. It's not all that big, and fills up quickly. The crabs and other seafood itmes are excellent and reasonably priced. I don't remember whether it's BYO or not, I usually drink Ice tea with my seafood. It's not a bar. Hope this helps.

    1. Yes, and the food is very good. It's BYOB, they don't have a liquor license. We do takeout, it's cramped inside, and we live a block away.

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        Oh, yeah. My favorite spot for fresh seafood. Especially the all you can eat snow crab legs. Never had em better or fresher. YEs seating is cramped, especially on weekends. No smoking allowed. BYOB. I suggest making reservations (yes they take reservations!). They have quite a selection if you're not into snow crab they have all the others crab as well. But they have alot of other stuff besides crab to choose from. They also have a kids menu. My son ahd the fried chicken, which was very tasty. If you are into seafood it is sure to please.

      2. I eat there ALL THE TIME. If you wanna know if it's good, listen to this: I live in New Brunswick and drive over 50 miles SPECIFICALLY for the Blue Claw. It is a really small place so we order our crabs to go and drive 50 miles home (the whole way going crazy because we want those crabs NOW). It's excellent, the crabs are delicious and I highly recommend this place.

        1. Yep, this is an old thread, but I'm happy to report that the Blue Claw is still THE PLACE to get your crab fix satisfied in central & southern NJ!

          We walked in at 7:15 and had dinner here last night in a nearly empty dining room. A great surprise as previous weekend visits over the years, have all been met with a wait out the door. The place is easy to miss on Route 130 and hard to GPS so I've added a link at the end for it's exact location.

          Their menu is extensive and covers all the seafood bases from crab (Blue, King, Dungeness, Snow & Jonas) to shellfish, fresh fish and the assorted fried goodies. We kept it simple and ordered 4 jumbo Mexican blues for me, the crab feast for one for J and sides of garden salad, slaw, rings and broccoli.

          The Mexican blues were perfectly steamed with Old Bay. They were packed with sweet meat that fell out with little effort. I love driving 45 minutes to Blue Claw versus 3 hrs to Annapolis to get stuffed on a great feast of blues!

          J's crab feast was steamed with garlic and included a jumbo blue, along with 1/2 lbs servings of King, Snow & Dungeness. She ended up taking most of it home as it was a lot more than she could eat and I was too busy picking and enjoying my blues! One note - the garlic was a bit overpowering, but if that's to your liking, you won't be disappointed.

          We enjoyed a great Stag's Leap Sav Blanc - as this is a BYOB.

          Service was excellent. The decor is classic crab shack with brown paper covered tables with rolls of paper towels on each and nautical / crab decor in abundance. The place is kid friendly and also has all-u-can-eat crab for those that are interested.

          Here's their website:

          and here's where they are:


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            DH and I went there for my birthday back in Feb, we always love getting dirty up to the elbows. Couple at next table was there for a birthday, also. Crab feast-all legs-for us. The place was packed, don't go if sitting a foot away from someone flinging crab shell bits annoys you.
            BTW, for the sides, the onion rings are really good.