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Jan 9, 2004 07:54 AM


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Does anyone have any good places for BBQ in Northern NJ?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Fink's Funky is pretty decent - search for them on google. Prices are fantastic. Best thing in my opinion there is the pulled pork. It's primarily a take-out place, with a small counter for people who prefer to eat-in.

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        FAmous Dave's is good on Rt 22 in Scotch Plains

    2. Smokey's Texas BBQ & Steakhouse in Byram. Fun, family place.

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        ate there this week, average barbeque at best....appetizers were the best part of the meal not the barbeque

      2. If you're around Bergen County, there's Cubby's in Hackensack. Honestly, it's a tad overpriced, imho, but they have great ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.

        There's also a new BBQ place in Bergenfield, but I've yet to try eating there.

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          Try Bourbon Barbecue Hickory Smokehouse.

          Or if you are willing to cross into Rockland County then try the Blauvelt is where the aforementioned Fink now calls home.

          1. re: Bosmer

            second the recommendatio of Bailey's Smokehouse at the Blauvelt Inn, have never had a bad barbeque meal there. Perhaps the most consistent barbeque place that I've ever eaten at. Don't think you'll find a bad choice on the menu

        2. I've given up on Bourbon BBQ. Three trips there so far and not one decent meal.
          Cubby's sucks. End of discussion.
          Bailey's in Blauvelt, NY is very good MOST of the time. We had some stinko que there once or twice. but it's usually good.
          Famous Dave's is actually not too bad for a chain. Good in a pinch.
          Hot Rod's in Wharton has good stuff but tends to be LOUD. Get it to go.
          Front Street in Elizabeth has never disappointed.
          CC's BBQ in Haledon has some of the best Memphis style ribs and Vinegar based pulled pork in NJ.
          The New Barbeque Pit in Bergenfield serves ribs that knock my socks off. A blend of Southern/Asian ribs that are fantastic. Pulled Pork is great too. Be aware that this is a Filipino joint so you may not recognize 90% of the menu. They also do whole hogs if you have a party.
          Hope this helps.

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          1. re: wytewyz

            I agree with most of (wytewyz) comments. I generally do not like to criticize establishments, but here's some food for thought...

            Bourbon was so so
            Cubby's more than sucks
            Bailey's... have not been to, but I have been to Fink's two prior attempts at his own place in River Edge and his short stint at Stickey's which was closed shortly after he arrived. I let you draw your own conclusions.

            As for Famous Dave's. it's a good choice with good menu variety. I know it's not fashionable to go to chains for some, but they provide a good and consistent product with great value and their quality control is much better than most private sector restaurants.

            1. re: fourunder

              Nice insinuation, based on...what, exactly? If you're going to say something just say it. Fink closed his first place due to health issues and Stickey's was closed due to lease issues (and Fink was only there assisting with the catering, anyway).

              The food at Bailey's is good, particularly the brisket. That's the only thing that is relevant here.

              1. re: TongoRad

                Since you want me to say it , I will. Fink is not a good Barbecue Pit Master in my honest opinion. You can say it was due to health issues for his River Edge venture, but his product suffered from for whatever reasons. He served his food when he should not have. I tried his barbecue on three separate occasions and his ribs were dry and terrible, dare I say possibly leftover from previous days before. His mac and cheese also suffered the same fate. It was so bad, my teen-aged nephew left both on his plate on all three visits(as did I). Conversations and opinions with friends who I informed Fink's existed arrived at the same conclusions, his food was not very good. Even Comments on this thread suggest there are inconsistencies in the food at Bailey's. As for Stickey's. I felt the owner Larry had a good product before Fink arrived, some of the best beef rib BBQ I have ever had. Your comment on lease issues is incorrect, unless you mean there wasn't enough money coming in from business. If what you say that Fink only assisted in catering is true, I will apologize, but I was told by Larry himself, Fink had a more active role, not after he closed, but when Fink arrived.

                Just because you can cook some good que doesn't mean you can do it on an every day basis/occasion, Forgive me, but I do not recommend others try something/somewhere on the chance it may be good on some unknown particular day. I would rather over pay for the ribs at Houston's($27-29?) that are edible, than ribs anywhere else for $20 or under that are inedible. There are many places to choose where you can know you will be served food that is presentable always.

            2. re: wytewyz

              Thumbs up to Hot Rod's based on one visit - very well done pulled pork sandwich and sides. Wasn't particularly loud when I visited: locals around the bar area and half full dining room in the rear. I hope to go back again to try more of the offerings.

            3. Joey's BBQ in Hoboken has been good, we've enjoyed everything we've tried so far, with the exception of a couple of sides. (Not as fond of the coleslaw and there was a mushroom special that missed.) They serve memphis style barbeque. I can recommend the pulled pork, ribs, chicken, baked beans and macaroni and cheese. I like the spicy sauce, also.