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Feb 5, 2002 02:05 PM

A&J Dan Dan Noodles

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This a posting to two earlier posting. I went to A&J today for lunch and order Dan Dan Noodles for the first time at this place. What I got was not what I remember Dan Dan noodles to be. So I called my freind after I got back, who I had though had ordered Dan Dan noodles which was a dry noodle with a meat sauce with soup on the side. He informed me he ordered Jar Jhang Mein ($5.00 plus a surchange for thick noodles well worth the extra change). So what I remember to be Dan Dan is not. I rememberis the noodle dish with the thick homemade noodles with a thick bean sauce with minced pork, minced plicked vegetables and minced dried shrimp. The noodles and a side dish of soy bean, yubi bean curd and bamboo shoots costed $6.15 plus tip.

I will try the Jar Jhang mein next week and report back. In closing names of dishes change from area to area in China. My best example in this country is Roast beef is cross rib and Prime rib is rib roast. In England Roast beef is Prime rib. So name do change.


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    Melanie Wong

    Very good of you to revisit for dan dan mian. Even though you were expecting something more like zha jiang mian, I hope your lunch was satisfying anyway. Could you tell us more about what you actually got and what A&J's dan dan is like?

    Here's link to earlier posts on styles of zha jian mian (jar jhang mein).


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      Meliane: The homemade or thick noodle were good in that it was cook just enough to be chewy and hold the sauce. The sauce was a sesame sauce with crush peanuts. The side dish was good also. The soy beans were done so that it was still firm, the snow cabbage was crisp, bamboo shoots was the can type and yubi bean curd was frozen type. I was filling and more heathly than what I unusally eat.

      I have always like this little place. Next time I must go with more people so that I can order more size dishes.

      One draw back is that they give you a Chinese menu that is written in Chinese. I make the mistake of answering their greeting in Chinese so I have never seen the English menu.

      I would like to recommed that Fried Pork Chop Noodles, it two pork chops deep fried served seperately with a pickled vegetable. That was about $5.00.


    2. Which A&J did you go to? The one near Wolf Rd. or the one near Lundy Road?
      I'm going to the one near Wolf Rd. this Friday. When I go to A&J I always order their beef stew noodle soup. As I remember it, it's the closest I've ever found it to be like a bowl from Taiwan.

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      1. re: Wendy Lai

        Wendy: I went to the Lundy location. I have not go to the Wolfe Road location.