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Basil T in Red Bank

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Does anyone know anything about Basil T in Red Bank? Been invited to a party there later this month, any suggestions on what I should try?

Thanks :)

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  1. I found that the simpler the better at Basil's. The pastas all had about 2 too many ingredients. Like the pappardelle with veal would have been decent if not for the peas and carrots. It was just too many flavors without enough flavor. However, i did also try the antipasto, which was a ton of food, and relatively inexpensive. It was loaded with cold salads, olives, cheese, etc. Worth a try. It was enough for 3 or 4 people.

    1. I've personally never had a meal at BT's worth remembering. The only thing I remember about that place is that I didn't like their beer and thinking the food cost too much for what I was tasting.. :)

      1. The other poster is correct that the simpler the better at Basil T's. Generally, the place reminds me a lot of the Olive Garden (take that for what you will)

        1. when we first moved to shrewsbury (next town over) in 1995, we LOVED basil T's. the hamburgers were HUGE and inexpensive, the beer was great, and the french fries and fried onions were heavenly. a few years ago, they changed alot, and the burgers were no longer hand made 3/4+ pounders, they were wimpy patties. their french fries became soggy and oily and weren't crispy, and the beer was just ew. its not worth it. you can get more food at olive garden. the wait staff is really bitchy now, too

          1. You are right Zephan, they did change a few years ago. From what I understand, 2 partners (or brothers, I'm not sure), had a falling out and split. The more creative one went south and opened Basil T's in Toms River, on Hooper by the Mall. Try taking a ride and see how that one measures up, I haven't been in a while, but it was always excellent.

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              Interesting. We noticed that the place went downhill about 2 years ago as well. The panini sandwiches which were very flavorful became bland and boring. The pasta dishes also seemed to lose all zip. The pizza was decent but given all the other great choices in the area (Freddie's and Pet & Elda's) I wouldn't bother with Basil T's unless I was in the immediate neighborhood and pressed for time.

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                I think Bob meant Pete and Elda's, and they do have great pizza.

                1. re: Welcoboy

                  Yes I did. It's too bad you can't correct typos after the first 2 hours.

            2. I believe they had a change in ownership and/or chef a couple of years ago that may have resulted in the declining quality.

              1. My wife and I went to basils a few times and the food is fair at best. The service was the worst we have had in a while. Frankly. " We Didn't Exist" We litterly had to ask for a server both times. If the waiter had moved and faster he would have been in reverse.

                For me Bigger is not better. Give me cuisine not quantity. Just for the record I was a chef for 20 plus years in the area. I'm not certain what happened but I believe V Rollo owned Zabu too. They really changed a lot as well in the past few years.

                1. the Basil Ts in Toms River has really up graded it's fare and run specials during the week .It is a pleasant surprise

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                    Thank you for the report. My last meal there about a year back was below average and I refused to return. I will make it a point to return and give it another shot.

                    1. re: bgut1

                      Bgut1, similar to your experience, I am not impressed with Basil Ts in TR. The only thing that is nice about the place is the guy doing the micro brewing, he is very friendly and talked to us about what he was doing, explained the various favors…that must be over a year ago! Happy hour in BTs in TR is not bad, the drink is reasonable and you can get free snacks(all you can eat pasta and sandwiches, I believe they are still having those!) We had burgers at the bar after happy hour for a few times, they were fine not great! Basically, acceptable! The bartenders were nice too but I just had a really bad dining experience in their dining area and vowed never to go back to that place.

                      Besides the poor quality of the food, the attitude of the server was terrible! We are quite easy going people despite we can be quite picky on our food but I am talking about service here, just unbearable! I remember that it was a week night and only 2 tables were occupied but we waited for 10 minutes before our server appeared. Usually, servers are bubbly and friendly people, this woman was completely cold and did not apologize for letting us wait and when we asked to have some water before we decide on our drinks, she shot us a look! We then ordered our wine, plus appetizers and I was in the mood for pizza! After both my husband and I gave our order, then I discovered that it was a buy one get one free pizza night but our server never advise me about that when I was placing my order, therefore I ask her politely if that was the case. I understand that we may all forget things sometimes and if mentioning the buy one get one free slipped her mind at the time when I ordered, she could just confirm that and ask me what I want on my second pizza. Instead, she had this attitude and asked me what day of the week it was and then said “yeah…if that stated on the display”. She just turned her back and disappeared…Then, my husband requested for a medium rare steak and it came out well done. When he tried to talk to her, she said that she remembered that he said well done and it was not their fault! Of course, we demanded to see the manager but somehow, he was not in for the night…I thought about writing them a feedback online but they do not provide that service online and I am not going to write a letter and waste my postage! This can be an isolated case with one server but it just put me off and there are many other places that we can spend our money! By the way, that was the first time in my life that we did not leave a tip….we left the second pizza and my husband’s untouched steak as her tip!

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                        Is this review about Basil's in Toms River or Red Bank? I thought this thread was about the Red Bank location.

                        1. re: rush71

                          It was originally for BTs at Red Bank but I am responding to bgut1.(who in turn was responding to big1515) In my post, I had clearly stated that it is BTs in TR!

                  2. The sad truth is that Basil T's is not alone. Plenty of restaurants aspiring to greatness can't get the basics right, and it's safer and more pleasurable to enjoy a visit to a taco truck, hole-in-the-wall brown rice sushi, any number of diners and pizza places and burger joints. I have been to Basil T's once since they moved from the microbrew-pub atmosphere to their current "aren't we fabulous" Italian status. I was so unimpressed with the overcooked and salty pasta dish, the lousy pizza and the oily salads that we needed CPR from the sticker shock when the bill came.

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                    1. re: aklein

                      My wife and I are mug club members (we live less than 10 mins away so its convenient).
                      We never had any thing "bad". The happy hour is nice and you could use it as a free dinner during the week. We rarely get a table and the service is fine. Good place to watch a game when you can get a seat. I see the same folks at the bars each time esp. after work.

                      1. re: kevinkin

                        Maybe that's my problem. I've never sat at the bar. I'll try that next time. I agree with aklein about the quality of food and sticker shock.

                    2. Went yesterday during all the rain. Watched the US Open at the bar and had the anti-pasta collection of meats, olives, peppers toasts and breads for 18 USD. It was great and the service was fine. Cozy place on a otherwise bad day. Looks like they have wraps on the menu or specials.

                      1. Had a school function for the kids Tuesday night and afterward wanted to grab a bit to eat. Despising most options in downtown Red Bank when I left it up to the family to choose somehow someone came up with Basil T’s so off we went.

                        Having lived in the area for close to 20 years I had written this place off a long time and over only go now when meeting someone for business who requests it. So without much of recent memory to go on I had no reason to object and figured I would try it again. I have no problem with the place…the décor etc. it’s a pleasant enough environment for an Italian restaurant. The seating is rather “close” the tables don’t have much elbow room between them and the place is dark…..very dark….so dark I couldn’t read the menu and I have good eyesight.

                        The first thing that really shocked me were the prices…….I thought this was a mid-range family type restaurant…..while they have pizza on the menu it’s average price is $18. and it’s for what most pizza parlors would call a small. Somewhere between a personal bar pie and a regular small pie I would say. But their pasta entrée’s are an average price of mid $20.’s with chicken entrée’s going into the $30’s. And this is all ala’ carte…no salad no sides. If you ask me if you are going to be in the $30.+ ala’ carte range you are getting into fine dining prices and this is NOT fine dining by any stretch of the imagination.

                        My son got the gnocchi off the menu which says it is homemade and it was served with fresh tomatoes olive oil and zucchini. The dish was exactly as described and it was light and tasty which I found enjoyable since gnocchi is heavy type pasta. Again though at $23. it was literally about a half pound of gnocchi or if I had to guess about 18-24 individual gnocchi smothered in the zucchini. My son finished it in all of about 3 minutes.

                        The two women of my life (wife and daughter) both decided on the chicken parm. I didn’t want to discourage them but this is a dish I will rarely eat out simply because the sauce is such an important part of the dish. Having grown up in an Italian home nothing every compares to your grandmothers or mom’s gravy (I said I grew up in an Italian home…so it’s gravy!!) so why set yourself up for disappointment when eating out and ordering something where the gravy is the main part of the dish. It was late and that’s what they both decided so that’s what they got. Surprisingly the chicken was very good as well as the gravy. I didn’t care for the serving style which they placed the pasta on top of the chicken parm and the melted cheese….when you removed the pasta from on top of the chicken parm you removed all the delicious melted mozzarella from the chicken. While the chicken was very good……the pasta was odd…..I didn’t read in the menu if they used a wheat or gluten free pasta of some sort but the pasta had the taste or consistency of some other than regular pasta’s I have tried in the past. Not sure why that was.

                        For myself I had a Pizza Salsicca which is pizza with peppers onions and sausage. It was rather good…..I liked the crust was crisp the ingredients again were nice and fresh. I would have preferred a little more sausage and at $18, think they could have spared a few more chunks…..but over all it was good.

                        Service was very good and attentive. One thing I should add that I really found unusually was the bread. This place is 100% Italian dining……I was expecting some kind of warm toasted Italian style bread….instead we were giving what I can best say were slider rolls. Just mini hamburger style rolls….which is a very odd combination to dip into the olive oil which is on the table. I don’t know if because we were late getting there around 8:30/9pm if perhaps they ran out of their regular bread but that was something that really caught me as odd and out of place.

                        Over all over priced for what you get in my opinion although I can’t say anything really “bad” about the place. I look forward to going back in the future the next time I have a client insist that is where they want to meet, other than that…….I’ll pass.

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                          Jr, and the place is jammed and busy all the time too, right? Whenever I've driven by, it seems that's the case. I've dined there maybe twice - and it's never considered these days. I'm glad to see any business staying 'open' in this economy. It's just not worth it to this writer.

                          1. re: JustJake

                            You are 100% correct.......I don't get it.....I honestly don't. If the prices were $5.-$10. cheaper I would be singing this places praises....but when up the street 2miles I can be dining at the Raven and the Peach (my personal favorite restaurant in the area) I don't see how a place like this packs them in. Maybe we are out of touch...........

                            1. re: jrvedivici

                              They can get away with charging what they do because of the location. They are indeed always packed.

                              I used to dine and drink there several nights a week when I lived across the bridge so I have been there literally hundreds of times I would say over the last 7 years or so. LOL

                              It was convenient for me to go. Now I rarely go unless I attend a party or something (as I have moved across town)

                              I agree, the food is not amazing but it is pretty good and always made with fresh and high quality ingredients. They don't cut corners. Prices are definitely high but they command those prices and people pay. They have affluent areas in red bank, rumson, fairhaven and middletown surrounding them...not to mention a hotel across the street.

                              Vic puts in a lot of work there to make it a decent restaurant. He travels to Italy with Brian and they actually visit vineyards to hand select their wines. Not many places I know of have that dedication.

                              I could write a lot about this place but I agree with JR, on the pricey side for what you get. will be back...

                              PS, JR have you been to Annas? I went once and it was pretty good. Its BYOB which IIRC, you are not that into. I need to get back to try it again.

                              1. re: jrvedivici

                                I agree with you 100 percent. I stopped eating there about four or five years ago for the same reasons you mentioned. Way overpriced for what you get. I put Basil T's in the same category as Nauvoo Grille in Fairhaven. Beautiful place, awful food

                                1. re: toonik

                                  I like the food there. It is definitely quality and far from awful in my eyes...just pricey but they can charge a premium and people still come back.

                                  Chef Kenny left years ago and he was a talented guy. He is now at Sirena.

                                  Basils has a real good antipasto with some great prosciutto and parmesan reggiano. Oh and their olives are the best around by far.

                                  The chicken scarpiello there is a great dish.

                                  1. re: corvette johnny

                                    Chicken Scarp is an excellent example at $31. ala carte I can't see that. Their average salad price is about $15. if you throw in desert at $7-$10. you are at $53-$56 per person. I'm pretty sure Nicholas has 3 course pre-fix for $60-$65.....how can you justify not spending the extra $10.? Or you can go to David Burkes Fromavomiterie for right around the same money. Both of those places would blow Basil T's out of the water on over all dining. Or as I said above the Raven and the Peach......OMG I love that place.

                                    Talking about Chicken Scarp.........my favorite all time Chicken Scarp is Jimmy's in Asbury Park. I had it the first time I ever went there and EVERY SINGLE time I have been back over the past 15 years I have never ordered another single dish. (I did have pizza once). The simplicity of the chuncks of chicken and sausage just in that sauce of flavors is the best to me. Complex simplicity!!! Jimmys in my opinion one of the more under rated Italian restaurants in Monmouth County.

                                    1. re: jrvedivici

                                      I just browsed their menu - all that it tells me of the folks on the peninsula who are willing to pay outrageous amounts (for pizzas to chicken dishes, even a salmon dish) is that a fool and his money are soon parted.

                                      That's ok though - it's not for everyone. There will, however, always be the 'event celebration - an anniversary, the birth of a grandchild etc, that will have me dining at a high end restaurant - Basil T;s would never enter my radar - though the pricing surely puts it in the atmosphere and company of a Nicholas, a Lorenas, Stage Left, etc . All I can say is WOW.

                                      1. re: JustJake

                                        sorry but that's just silly. Basil's, though certainly on the pricey side, is no where near as expensive as Nicolas or Stage Left, both of which I know well and like a lot as I do Basil's. If you join the mug club at Basil's you can get a three course dinner once a week, including a mug of beer, for usually $16.

                                        1. re: Mr. Bingley

                                          Silly? Their salads run $14-$16, their pizzas $17-$18 and their chicken dishes from $24-$30. And you're doing 3 course dinners with a beer for $16?

                                          I see a 3 course dinner at Basil T's around $55-$60 a head. Look at the menu. I don't know what you're dining on, but I don't see it on the menu.


                                          1. re: JustJake

                                            What about "join the mug club" did you miss?

                                            New 2012/2013 Mug Club Season!

                                            Roasted Pepper and Mozzarella
                                            Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti
                                            Biscotti Misti

                                            Lunch - $12
                                            Dinner - $16

                                            that's from the only email that hasn't been deleted from my inbox. Every week, mug club members get at $16 3 course meal with a mug of beer. Oddly enough, that's what I said. I also said they are on the pricey side but you can get a good meal there for a decent price. they are in no way in the Nicolas realm of price.

                                            1. re: Mr. Bingley

                                              You're missing the point. Anyone NOT in the club who stops in there looking to have a meal is going to go deep into their pockets for food (that others rate as being nothing out of the ordinary). And ordering off of their menu will set you back over $50/head - other posters have said as well. And that sir, is swimming in the same end of the pool as Nicholas.

                                              Listen, you enjoy the place and go for it. I don't want nor do I need the dining club card, just like I passed on the card offered to me at Bobby Flay's Burgers or 25 Burgers (though neither in the same class as Basil T's which I'll give a nod to). All it does is encourage one to eat at the same damn place with a very narrow menu and life, especially eating is all about variety, diversity that one gets through tasting different world cuisines or even good ol new American. There are some who like eating just about the same plate or cuisine almost every nite - that's just not for me and I'm sure I'm not the only one here.

                                              1. re: JustJake

                                                You guys both have solid points but are on different pages

                                                Yes if you get 3 dishes at basils you will be up there in price. However, a salad is quite substantial and after polishing off a dinner and maybe a beer or two, I am not sure how many people would be able to eat a dessert on top of that.

                                                For my large appetite basils is hands down, without a comparison, much cheaper than Nicholas. If you drink, Nicholas will become even pricier.

                                                The only way you could remotely get a Nicholas 3 course bill down to a basil level is if you get the special 3 course combo. I think that is only available in the bar area (IIRC)

                                                So bottom line is that you can get a 3 course meal at nicholas for a similar price but it will be a third of the food, maybe less, and you are stuck eating at the bar area (correct me if I am wrong.) The food is tremendous but portions are small. You can slice it any way you want, for the dollar you get more food at basils. I am NOT talking about quality, just the amount of food you get for your dollar.

                                                And for what it is worth, the mug club specials are cheaper but they are smaller portions than the regular dinner menu. They are still a decent deal.

                                                Anyway, vic is swimming in money as I write this. Whatever he is doing, he is doing it right. LOL

                                                1. re: JustJake

                                                  No, I'm not missing it I'm just not agreeing with it. As I said before Basil's is somewhat pricey but really not much different from Red or Dish, for example. I grok you don't like the food on a philosophical level but I fail to see how say max $60/head (including drinks) at Basil's is comparable to $100/head (including drinks) that Nicolas will set you back. Sure, if your base line is North of The Border (which I love) they might be in the same end of the pool but barring that it doesn't seem to me to be a fair comparison.

                                                  But YMMV, obviously. :)

                                                  1. re: Mr. Bingley

                                                    I just spent 960 dollars at nicholas for 4 people LOL


                                                    1. re: corvette johnny

                                                      Oh I believe it. My Bride, Daughter and I ate at the bar one night thinking we'd be frugal with the little plate servings...we would have gotten off cheaper had we gone into the dining room!

                                                      1. re: corvette johnny

                                                        I spent $961. at Basil T's on 3 people.........and that was without drinks or desert.
                                                        (Obviously I'm just joking but i do want to see Mr. Bingley's response)

                                                        Since I'm the original one who made the comment or comparisons between the prices of Basil T’s vs. Nicholas I figured I would chime back in and if nothing else just stir the pot a little more.

                                                        We can debate serving size and exact dollar amounts and this or that till we are all individually blue in the face or finger tips as the case may be. Simply put I cannot criticize the quality of the food at Basil T’s but for the price and over all dining experience I myself cannot justify it. When I can go to Nicholas (I don’t think the 3 course menu is just the bar) and spend a similar (same end of the pool) amount for an incomparable dining experience.

                                                        Hey as many of us have pointed out the place is always packed so obviously my opinions don’t hold much water vs. the general consensus….however for the point of this venue I’m trying to convey to people my over all experience and perception of value.

                                                        Nicholas is the further stretch of my example however Raven and the Peach is certainly in the same price range and again FAR superior in all aspects to Basil T’s in my opinion. (I don’t know why nobody else seems to appreciate Raven in the Peach as much as I do)

                                                        1. re: jrvedivici

                                                          Oh yeah? I spent $962 at Nicolas...and that was just to park my car!

                                                          Fair enough. I haven't been to the R&P in many years; they had a stretch in the early 2000s where they seemed to make everything have an 'asian flair' which did nothing for me; I'll give them another chance.

                                                          1. re: jrvedivici

                                                            Whenever I see comments regarding the popularity of an establishment as evidenced by the crowds of people waiting for tables I can't help but think of the crowds of people waiting outside the doors at Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

                                                            1. re: equal_Mark

                                                              I hear undici is even more outrageously overpriced. That is the reason why I won't step foot in there. I don't mind spending the money, I just want a decent value for my dollar.

                                                              is that BYOB place near the Fromagerie any good?

                                                              1. re: corvette johnny

                                                                CJ, CJ, CJ…. Your slacking man!! I’m going to have to lodge a complaint with the Corvette Owners of America Club soon if you don’t pick your game up........I posted my review of Ristorante Giorgia over the weekend!! (Saturday I think) here is the link;


                                                                I didn’t want to be too obnoxious and go back and edit my review to mention the fact that on Sunday after speaking with my wife about the Tilapia she downgraded it from an “unenthusiastic ok” to just downright terrible. lol

                                                                Also to answer your earlier question about Anna’s if that is the set back place in a strip mall on Rt. 35 Sth in the Middletown area….yes I was there one time and you are completely correct it was a BYOB and while there was nothing bad about the place just not a place I would select to go back to.

                                                                1. re: jrvedivici

                                                                  I haven't been to Anna's for a few years. I never had a bad meal there but I also don't think they ever changed the menu at all in the, what, 7 years at least they've been open?

                                                                  1. re: Mr. Bingley

                                                                    LOL....Ah I am slacking. I will check it over.

                                                                    I need to get back to Annas. I only went once. The dinner was good, anti pasto not that great. Its definitely a cheaper night out with BYOB.

                                                                    I am heading to basils tonight for some business. I will report back. I think short ribs might be the call....

                                                                    1. re: corvette johnny

                                                                      if you like a little zing order the calamari app 'buffalo' style. it's not listed on the menu but it is mighty mighty good with a few beers and more than large enough to share (quite often i just get that as my dinner). and as mentioned the scarparielo is fantastic.

                                                                      i might be there tonight to pick up a case of merlot they are selling cheap.

                                                                      1. re: corvette johnny

                                                                        Mr. Bingley I think you should slip CJ your Mug Club Membership card so he can get the 3 course $16.00 special!! Then I will come and referee the arm wrestling match I'm going to set up between the two of you over who has spent more at Nicholas!!

                                                                        Does Basil have short ribs on the menu?? Bufffalo calamari is an excellent dish see if they have some crumbled blue cheese to put on the top!! Yummmm Maybe I'll stop bye too just to see if I can pick you two out of a crowd. The three of us can start the Ugly Mug Club. (Sorry guys)

                                                                        1. re: jrvedivici

                                                                          LOL, I have a mug there. I used to hang there a few nights a week and drink with my buddies. Then I got married and you know how that goes ; )

                                                                          The wings there are pretty good, which you would probably not expect. And yes, they do have shortribs. It used to be on special sometimes but now it is a regular dish...I think.

                                                                          I kind of wish there was a mug club place like basils and the twin light taphouse combined into one hybrid.....decent food, great craft brew selection, and fair prices. That would be a cool spot....kind of like the Triumph Brewing restaurant I suppose with a better beer selection. ok I am done rating about my dream pub....

                                                                          1. re: jrvedivici

                                                                            no crumbled blue but a good blue cheese dressing that has big chunks in it!

                                                                            1. re: jrvedivici

                                                                              CJ / Mr. Bingley. I have a 7pm appt in Middletown I'll be passing by around 8:30/9pm I would think......I'll stop in for a bite at the bar. I'm in a grey suit purple shirt and tie. 6"3 300lb dark hair, eyes and trimmed facial hair. I kind of stick out in a crowd. Say hi.....I'll try not to park next to or ding any Vette's in the parking lot.....although fibergless doesn't "ding".

                                                                              1. re: jrvedivici

                                                                                I was just there very briefly at 5:30

                                                                                No Vette for me!

                                      2. Well I can't speak for CJ or Mr Bingley but I did stop back tonight. They had a $30.- 3 course special menu which was not offered during my last visit. I don't know if that is only available on certain days or what however the items offered on the special menu do put things in a more appropriate price range in my opinion.

                                        I wasn't in the mood for a 3 course meal so I passed and ordered the cold antipasti on the regular menu. As repeated several times in this thread it was very, very good. It was also very filing especially with the extra bread I requested so after it I only had room for their pea soup. This was also very good and obviously home made. About half way through it was tasting a little salty to me but that could have also been a lingering taste from the meats and cheese.

                                        All in all a much better experience and value on the special menu.

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                                        1. re: jrvedivici

                                          The antipasti is excellent (but admittedly not cheap) and the soups are always quite good. Last night was a good night for the pea soup!

                                          The one dish that to me is somewhat blah is the sole francese. The fish is fine as is the sauce but for some inexplicable reason they serve it on a bed of completely bland risotto; I just don't get it, and I'm sure that somewhere Marcella Hazan is having nightmares as I type this...

                                          They have a great autumnal salad on the menu now that my Bride had the other day: it has apples and walnuts and she really liked it. During the summer they have a cold watermelon/red onion/red wine vinegar salad that is very chilled and quite refreshing.

                                          1. re: Mr. Bingley

                                            While the antipasto isn’t cheap at $19 as the menu does say and I can now clearly testify it is enough for two people. That is why after eating it and four pieces of bread…there was only room for the pea soup. (Look at me defending Basil T’s prices now!!)

                                            I do have to say though it was pretty funny last night.......I arrived at about 8:30 and went to the bar.......there were a handful of guys there who were alone. I wasn't sure if any were you or CJ but since I'm the one who gave a description of himself I was looking around and as another guy across the bar would see me looking at him we would exchange glances....and I was waiting to see if there was some kind of recognition on his face............then I realized.....I'm a single guy exchanging glances/stares with other "single" guys at the bar. (NOT that there is anything wrong with that)......once I had this realization I just buried my head in my menu.

                                            1. re: jrvedivici

                                              LOL! How are they serving the antipasto these days? They used to have the best antipasto when they served it on the long wooden platters. I wished they still prepared it that way. Right now my favorite antipasto is at Porta. we usually order the antipasto and share the margharita pizza.

                                              1. re: jrvedivici

                                                "Look at me defending Basil T’s prices now!!"

                                                Resistance is Futile!

                                                1. re: jrvedivici

                                                  Ha! There's got to be a country song in that somewhere...

                                                  1. re: jrvedivici

                                                    JR.....LOL I was there too last night. I had a pretty decent steak. It is not on the menu and I think you have to ask for it. My dad eats there a lot so he told me lately they have some decent steaks. I will report back....have work to do.

                                                    I was in the wine room. You may have seen me leave with my wife and dad.

                                                    Off to Sirena tonight with some business folks....it will be cool to compare basils to Sirena back to back. Kenny is the old Basils chef.

                                                    And yes, I did have an antipasto too ...good stuff.

                                                    1. re: corvette johnny

                                                      We had my Daughter's HS grad dinner in the wine room in June...I think I spent $944 lol

                                                      1. re: Mr. Bingley

                                                        I am missing the humor man?

                                                        Anyway, the steak is actually quite good. It is a NY strip with no gimmicks....no reductions, rubs, blue cheese, infused butter, etc....just a good quality steak I seasoned with some salt and pepper. Out of the 4 steaks they kind of botched mine up and it came out rare (not medium rare,) which I can tolerate. The other 3 at my table were cooked spot on....not big deal.

                                                        My issue was with the sides. It is served with spaghetti and I suppose this may be how they traditionally eat in Italy, I never really eat pasta with my steak. So I opted for some starch and got fried fingerling potatoes. The side dish is very small but tasty none the less. I guess it is hard to screw up a fried potato.

                                                        The other side is sauteed spinach with garlic. This is quite tasty and although I am not a huge spinach guy, I guess spinach doesn't get much better than that.

                                                        The one question I have is about the pasta. My wife and Tim opt for the spaghetti and the portion is just so tiny. Pasta is cheap, even home made pasta. Why not load up the plate? I asked my dad about this he said they will simply bring you more sides if you ask them. He is there a lot so maybe he gets some special treatment. If true, its good to know they will back up your plate if you finish the sides. Anyway, all in all a good night there. The service is top notch, antipasto good as usual, seasonal pumpkin beer was just average, and the yankee game was on to boot. ...oh and dad got the bill so you can't beat free LOL

                                                        1. re: corvette johnny

                                                          a little. we've gotten a running joke going about the cost of Nicolas vs Basil's.

                                                          Actually, I did have a dinner for 7 in the wine room in June, and I *think* it was around $400 including booze (and we had several bottles of wine) before tip, which was a-ok in my book.

                                                          I've found the pasta portions to be decent; I'm surprised you got a tiny one. Ah, wait, if you mean that your wife got the pasta as a side (with you getting the spuds) then yes, they are side-sized.

                                                          1. re: Mr. Bingley

                                                            Ah I see, that nicholas bill was steep but luckily I only paid half ; ) That was the "chefs table" too...very cool experience.

                                                            Maybe I am just being picky but I was just surprised at the portion of pasta. Anyway, as usual the food was good and service superb. I wish they could run the Carton beer on their taps and/or hire jesse, the brewmaster of carton, to brew their beer. That would turn that place into a beer lovers paradise. Carton beer is top notch!

                                                            PS, JR the z06 never will be in a parking lot. It only comes out to play on nice days, then goes back in the garage. Its never been to a single dinner...too many idiots with no respect to leave it sitting out.

                                                            1. re: corvette johnny

                                                              I was going to say how don't you get the humor when it was your comment about your tab at Nicholas that started me & Mr. Bingley on this inside joke!!

                                                              Did the pasta taste funny to you? I said the pasta or linguini served with my wife and daughters chicken parm had a very funny taste and consistency to it. Speaking of beer I read on the outside of the brewing vat's that they were 215 gallons(?) any idea how long that last's for a place like that? How often are they brewing? Just out of curiosity.

                                                              CJ I can appreciate what you are saying about the Z06 I remember with my car any wet roads or leaves on the ground and that back end will start going sideways on you in no time.

                                              2. Basil T's in Red Bank.

                                                Food is average at best. Avoid if possible but if you have to stick to simple dishes.

                                                It is way overpriced for what you get.

                                                The reason why it is always full at 7pm is lot's of blue hairs. In my book that usually means used to be good.

                                                Try back at 9pm, everyone is in the bar, so they have a good bar business.

                                                Someone should open up a real brew pub in this town.