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Oct 27, 2003 04:06 PM

Teddy's Pizza -- Middleburg, VA

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Anyone else been to this place? I've found no internet or chowhound references to it, but I stopped by a while ago and I've been meaning to go back.

Setting: this was an interesting alternative to the generally hoity-toity places in Middleburg (not that there's anything wrong with hoity-toitiness, mind you, but sometimes you just want to grab a cheap bite to eat, and the places on Washington Ave aren't going to help you out there). Teddy's is located in a small storefront at (I think) 9 Federal. There were only 5 or 6 tables in the small dining room, and Teddy was in full force.

Oh yeah, Teddy -- this guy was a real character, quite the New York wiseguy, all machismo and gold jewelry, deferring only to his mom and pop who were helping run the place. This reminded me much more of Queens than of the "horse and hunt country" just outside in the rest of Middleburg.

But of course, the pizza: I can't say that this was the best pizza ever, but it actually comes pretty durn close for DC and burbs. A thin crust -- but not too thin, blistery and crisp on the outside (a shade too dark, I think, but that was fine), and chewy middle -- a very nicely developed crust. The toppings rated a lot better than standard pizza chain stuff, too. The pepperoni had some real spiciness it, the mozzarella was spread with an even hand and was nicely carmelized on top. The pizza was served hot enough that I nearly injured myself.

Teddy said he'd make us the best cannoli ever (he repeated this claim to several other customers)... not sure about the best, but it was damn good. A very, very rich aromatic cream filled out this crispy pastry.

Unfortunately, I can't make it out to the Middleburg area very often to give this place a few more tries... anyone else ever been here? Or plan on stopping by in the near future?

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  1. Dang. How have we missed this place?? We are always on the prowl for good thin crust 'za.

    We've been in Middleburg dozens of times and I've never even noticed this place before. That will end soon!

    BTW, you can get good cheap food (big breakfast crowd) at the Coach Stop on Washington St. The clientele might be hoity-toity but the food is not.

    1. Update on Teddy's I accidentally stopped there today with my wife and I almost didn't go until saw that there was a real Italian family running the place.
      I sensed something could be more right than wrong. So I stopped in we ordered a house salad with great traditional Italian dressing which he also sells by the bottle.
      Mom and Pop are there working as well.
      A true Italian New York style pizzeria in of all places Middleburg Va.!
      But the Pizza was pretty darn good, as good as some places I have been to near New York.
      Talked to Teddy a bit and he seems very personable and said the economy is really hurting business, seems the rich are laying off the hourly workers and they are the ones who support Mom and Pop pizzerias like Teddys. So if you happen to venture out to Middleburg and you want an informal place to go for pizza and a cannoli, not to mention a nice Italian salad for less than 30 dollars for 2 people than have at it. I had a medium deluxe, salad, and cannoli and left like I was walking in Brooklyn. Good Eats!

      1. Teddy's is still there, Teddy is still kvetching and his mom has never looked me in the eye. But the pizza is pretty good (says this New Yorker) and it's a WHOLE LOT better than anything you'll get at Vocelli's.

        The Coach Stop closed in January and has been replaced by a clothing store.

        Coach Stop Restaurant
        9 E Washington St, Middleburg, VA 20117

        New Yorker Restaurant
        18164 A P Hill Blvd, Bowling Green, VA 22427

        12040 Southshore Pointe Rd, Midlothian, VA 23112