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Feb 5, 2002 10:59 AM

Tangerine - Berkeley

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garcon had mentioned a new spot in the East Bay Persian thread earlier this week so I went by on my way home from dinner yday.

It's called Tangerine (Food bar on Solano) and is about mid-way up Solano Ave. It's run by a couple - he's Dutch, she's Persian and they have both types of food.

They were closed when we peeked in, but the owner opened the door and invited us in. garcon had mentioned the saffron rice pudding, so I got a container of that. It's not made with milk so isn't too creamy, but it's sweet and quite good, with cinnamon and pine nuts.

Since they were closed we didn't try anything else, but they have a buffet with various foods. Specials listed were dutch meatballs, Persian winter soup (which he said would stay on the menu for about a month and they're getting lots of compliments on this). They also had a deli case with salads - saw creamed herring, orange/beet salad, and a few others.

They do catering too - I picked up that menu - some of the offerings include saffron chicken skewers, mini dutch meatballs, vegetarian rolls (veggies in flourbased dough fried in olive oil served with spicy tamarind, lemon sauce).

Very friendly, definately worth checking out for prepared foods.

1707 Solano Ave

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  1. Glad you enjoyed my recommendation, Celery.

    Two things stood out for me about Tangerine. First, the interesting combination of the backgrounds of its friendly co-owners, Dutch and Persian. As well, perhaps because the Dutch are known to be frugal (sorry for the cliche!...), their prices are very, very reasonnable; in contrast with some other newish "boutique" traiteurs (delis focusing on prepared food as opposed to cold cuts) along Solano ave., they were not overpriced. Their dolmas for example are only $3 for a whole boxfull (or about 15-20 pieces). The dolmas or cold stuffed grapeleaves were quite good. I didn't get a chance to try other items besides the saffron rice pudding; look forward to returning (and reporting!)

    Furthermoe, they've only been open for about two months, so they'll only get better.