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Feb 4, 2002 11:48 PM

Richmond District Kosher

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Dear All,

A friend who keeps Kosher is coming to town for a conference. I'm familiar with the Kosher and vegetarian places in the East Bay, less so with those in S.F. Can you suggest places that meet one, two or three of the following criteria?

1. Kosher or strictly, verifiably veggie or vegan;
2. Within walking distance (let's say 3 miles) from the intersection of Lake and Arguello.
3. Tastes good, not bad.

PME :-)

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  1. Unless things have changed recently, you won't find Kosher that fits your criteria. I bet you'll have much better luck with veggie/vegan and I await responses of those more in the know.

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    1. re: Jill D

      There are a few Chinese Vegetarian places in the Richmond...I think on Clement.I hope our resident experts will get you the names of these places,,,but they do exist.No kosher restaurants there however (although there is a kosher butcher on Geary called Cohens) and I think there is a certifiable kosher in China Town.

      1. re: derek

        You are at the far edge of the galus in SF. The first responder gave you the story. There are a couple of less than good Israeli Glatt greasy spoons in the theatre district/downtown/Chinatown area. There is a certified Kosher Chinese restaurant in the Sunset district that is reputed to be pretty good. Much closer to you is a strictly vegatarian Chinese restaurant on Clement Street and around 20th Ave called Bok Choi. It is not under rabbinical supervision and will not be, because it is associated with a Chinese religious organization which is strictly vegatarian. The food is very good. There used to be a rabbinically supervised vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown, but it is gone. As one of the responders noted, there is a kosher butcher/grocery on Geary called Cohen's. There is also a kosher market in the Sunset called Tel Aviv. There are no kosher delis in SF.

        More info (and probably an invitation for multiple meals) can be obtained from Chabad of SF, not that far from you in the Richmond district. 415 362 6359. Good luck.

    2. Posting it on the Kosher board may get more responces.


      1. Paul,
        You might want to try taking a cruise out there and scoping out the scene. 3 mile walking distance in SF can get pretty hairy due to some hills, but the Richmond District is fairly flat. Since Lake and ARguello is in the Inner Richmond, as others have siad, you might have better luck with the vegeterian aspect for eating, however, in the outer richmond, there is a large russian jewish contingent. How orthodox they are i am not sure, but some of the restaurants might keep kosher. These places are further out around 25th - 30th off of Geary and clement. There are a variety of Synagogues in the area, so you might want to ask your Rabbi, or call one of the synagogues and ask if they have any recomendations. (i know that might seem odd, but hey, they should know, right?)
        Good luck, and let us know what, if any, you find. It would help for when my cousins come to visit.

        1. I believe Shenson's, a deli on Geary near 15th Ave, is kosher. I have a feeling there are one or two other kosher delis on Geary, but I'm not certain and don't recall names.

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          1. re: Tom Hilton

            Shenson's is out of business.

            Here's the deal with kosher (not kosherish or Jewish but really kosher) restaurants in SF. There are a couple. The kosher eating scene in SF is terrible - I do not keep kosher but some of my relatives and many of my former coworkers do, so I had to get to know the scene fairly well.

            One is Sabra Grill, 419 Grant Ave, phone 415-982-3656. It's on the edge of Chinatown. I ate there once, thought everything was mushy and tasteless. Thoughtlessly prepared. Not a great place as of 5 years ago; who knows, maybe it's improved.

            Another is Shangri-La Vegetarian Chinese, 2026 Irving Street, phone: 415-731-2548 It's certified byt the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco. I have been there and it's great! A long walk from where you are but seems like it'll fit the bill.

            There's Shirat-Ha-Yam Fish Grill, 420 Geary Street, phone: 415-776-2683. I haven't been there. It's in Union Square.

            And there's This is It, 430 Geary St., phone: 415-749-0201. Union Square. Have been there, worse than Sabra Grill. Not good.

            All of Noah's bagels used to be certified kosher. Now few are. However, the Laurel Village branch is still kosher. 3519 California St, San Francisco. Phone is (415) 387-3874.

            There's a couple of kosher meat markets too. Do a search on for a list of all Bay Area kosher places. What I saw there matches my perceptions and it seems fairly up to date.

            So, nothing near where you are but several possibilites. Good luck and good eating! Do report back on what you found and what you think.