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Sep 14, 2003 05:43 PM

New Brunswick Chow

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OK, for business reasons I'm going to need to be eating in New Brunswick (or thereabouts) several evenings this fall. I've been to several of the overpriced, fern bar establishments there. Are there any good Indian or Turkish or Middle Eastern places nearby?

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  1. How near is nearby?

    Seven Hills on Route 27 in Highland Park is a couple of miles north of downtown NB and serves good Turkish. It's not what you asked for, but Shanghai Park on the same street in the same place serves great Shanghai style Chinese food.

    Highland Park also seems to have quite a large Jewish population but I haven't pinned anything down yet.

    NB is about ten miles south of the Oak Tree Road Indian zone, but that's a whole other post.

    What about what's in New Brunswick besides fern bars? Hungarian? Mexican? That barbecue pit in a vacant lot across from the bus garage?

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    1. re: Brian Yarvin

      A Lebanese grocery store owner told me there's a good Lebanese restaurant on Easton Ave in NB. I don't know the name of it. Anyone know of this place?

      1. re: Val G

        The Lebanese place on Easton Avenue is Evelyns. On Easton Avenue,across the street,is Teresa's for pretty good Italian.Old Bay has acceptable Creole, but is noisy.

        1. re: kingdogsoma

          evelyn's and teresa's are good. old bay is overpriced.
          how bout jimmy's on easton? not really ethnic food, but good-cheap-greasy-fast food. their specialty is the fat cat (2 burgers, fries, lettuce, tomato, mayo and catsup on a great roll). my fav is the chicken fat cat (replace burgers with chunks of chicken). and don't forget the mexican on the other side of the tracks on route 27.

          1. re: dongstadden

            some of the best mexican, specifically oaxacan, in the area is to be found in new brunswick. there's a thriving mexican community here and plenty of places to chose from. all are casual, inexpensive and authentic. BYOB for most also---which keeps dinner tabs low. it's not easy to recommend only one but my current favorites are CINCO DE MAYO on french street and COSTA CHICA on handy street.

            1. re: d.d.

              The Oaxaquenas are excellent, but it would be a shame to never try the Grande Burrito at Tijuana Burrito on Easton. It may not be quite as authentic as the Cinco de Mayo, and it's not cheap (6 or 7 bucks), but it's worth it. Comes with a little bit of corn cake. I hear their chimichongas are good too, although I haven't tried them. And (at least in my experience) they're friendlier at Tijuana Burrito.

            2. re: dongstadden

              is Jimmy's where the Rutgers "grease trucks" have retreated to??? i heard they're no longer parked on College Av.

              1. re: WL

                The grease trucks are still on college ave in all their dirty glory!

                1. re: Alex

                  Chicken Gyro w/ extra hot sauce from Sunrise !!! What's up Jimmy ???

          2. re: Val G
            Daniel Rosenblum

            Evelyn's. It was even reviewed in the NY Times New Jersey section a while back.

          3. re: Brian Yarvin

            HP does have a very large Jewish population.

            For eats, try Jerusalem Pizza for excellent falafel. Also they have tons of different homemade salads and other dishes. All very good.

            For ice cream, try the Corner Confectionary, a real soda fountain that has been featured in a few movies.

            Both on Raritan Ave (27 between 2nd and 3rd ave.

          4. Evelyn's is definitely good. Nothing fancy, but good food and good variety.
            Makeda is Ethiopian food on George Street. I have not tried it, but have heard good things about it. A bit pricey.
            The mexican place, Mexican Cantina, in my opinion isn't that great.
            There is a Mongolian restaurant (Round Grill) next door to it which is your typical mongolian restaurant where you prepare your own dish and they cook it on a large grill. Nice change.
            There is also a Jamaican Place, Green Grotto, which looks interesting, but I haven't heard much about it.
            I second Jerusalem Pizza in Highland Park on 27.
            Also on 27 is Pad Thai which gets high marks.

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            1. re: Shannon

              The Green Grotto is great. I recommend it highly. There used to be a very good Indian place near there but I can't remember the name. We don't live in the area any longer so I'm not sure it survives.