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Feb 4, 2002 08:05 PM

Outer Richmond Recommendation

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i am looking for a recommendation for a tasty and inexpensive restaurant in the Outer Richmond - i am going to the world famous Balboa Theatre (38th and Balboa) and just know there are some gems out there. help me find a few, please. thanks in advance.

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    Larry Mondello

    Superior Palace and Kam's have some good and cheap Chinese food. Both are within a block of the theatre.

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    1. re: Larry Mondello

      thanks - do you recommend one of these over the other? any standout dishes?

      1. re: cc
        Larry Mondello

        They are about equal, although the portions appear to be bigger at Kam's.

        Standout dishes at Superior are 1) the chicken with green onion & ginger clay pot, 2) the fish filet with vegetables for $3.25 +/- 3) the oyster clay pot

        At Kam's, they had a really good stuffed chicken dish but forgot what they called it.

    2. There's good Vietnamese food in the place to the left as you walk of the theater. (Maybe it's Kam's? I think it's masquerading as a Chinese restaurant). Simple Pleasures cafe uphill a block is a good place for eggnog lattes, hot chocolate, and mellow people watching.

      If you want to get back in the car. Pacific Cafe on Geary (around 32nd) has fresh fish in a low key atmosphere--and free wine if you have to wait. There's also a King of Thai Noodle House on Clement around 32nd with great soups, som tum, etc.

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        Pacific Cafe does have excellent seafood, but it's hard to work into a movie evening as there's nearly always a wait there unless you go very early.

      2. Sweet Temptation on Balboa around 37th is a personal favorite for hole-in-the-wall dirt cheap shanghainese food.

        1. k
          Kathleen Mikulis

          There's Beach Chalet at the end of Golden Gate Park. It might be pricier than what you're looking for. I've only been there once and found the food to be good but not spectacular. I had the basic roast chicken, garlic mashed potatoes dinner that you seem to find everywhere these days. But a great view of the ocean in a historic building.

          I've always wanted to try Cajun Pacific which is a little aways from where you're talking about. It's at Irving and 48th I believe.