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Aug 19, 2003 07:31 PM

Mastoris Diner, Bordentown, NJ

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Today, a friend mentioned that her Dad thinks Mastoris Diner in Bordentown is the best Diner anywhere. My husband and I love to try Diners-- the more authentic, old-style the better; of course it helps if the food is great, too! Can anyone recommend Mastoris and what to order there?

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  1. Haven't been there for a couple years. The food was more impressive for quantity than quality. Huge portions. The place is unique and I'm glad I had the experience. But didn't like it enough to return.
    If you go during the dinner rush, expect to wait a long time for a table.

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      Thanks for your response. We were considering stopping there for breakfast on the way to the shore. If anyone can recommend their favorite NJ diners-- On the way to the shore, from Point Pleasant Beach down to Cape May-- I'd appreciate hearing about them!

      1. re: Sandi H.

        Where is Bordentown? We will be driving from Philly to Brigantine Beach next week-is it near anywhere we will be?

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          If you go to it has a map feature. Just type in Mastoris address: 144 Route 130, Bordentown, and you'll see that Bordentown's located southeast of Trenton, off of Rte. 195. So it's "sorta-kinda" on the way to the shore if you don't mind taking the scenic route.

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            I found mastoris by mistake about 7 years ago,best mistake of my life!,yes the cheese bread is killer!,i have never had a less than great meal there,however service,and food both suffer a little during peak business hours,the trick is go in early,or better yet after 11:00 in the evening,the people have treated me like a king there late at night,can't say enough good about them,only bad part is we dont have 1 in orlando.

            1. re: jason

              I have to agree, Mastoris is my FAVORITE restaurant in all of jersey. My dad took my family there a couple years ago (he had discovered it when working down in Bordentown once) and he loved it. It is about an hour drive from my house, but it is completely worth it!! My entire family thinks the food is great, the service is great, and the entire atmosphere of the restaurant is great. I agree, the cheesy bread and cinnamon bread are to die for!

              1. re: Tanya

                Lived in Bordentown 10 years ago. We still go back there for their cheesebread, cinnamon bread and corn pudding. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to duplicate the amazing corn pudding. Have called and tried to get the recipe, no go!!!!!!
                Have been all over the world, nothing compares to Mastoris!!!!!!

        2. re: Sandi H.

          I don't consider Mastori's diner a convenient stop on the way to the shore. It's located in Bordentown where routes 130 and 206 meet--you can get to the parking from either highway--and it's way west of shore points. If you are on route 130, and are heading north, there's a better diner (in West Windsor) called the Americana, on the northbound side, just past the 571 crossing.

          1. re: Sandi H.

            Re: Mastoris Diner: I have been eating there for as long as I can remember and have never had a meal that I didn't like. Of course, the cheese bread is awsome - don't leave without buying a loaf to take home!
            Re: A good place to eat at the Jersey Shore: For breakfast and lunch, you can't beat "The Breakfast Garden" in Sea Isle City. It's not a diner, but the food is excellent, cost is low, service is great. It's at 4507 Landis Ave. in Sea Isle. Sea Isle City is just south of Ocean City and north of Avalon.

          2. re: Val G

            You get a hefty portion of poor quality food, the service is poor and if you're an African American expect to wait three times longer to be served.

          3. I agree with your Dad. It is one of the better diners. Trouble is they have too much on the menu (and on the plate).
            When you sit down - they put cheese and cinnamon bread on the table.
            I like their caeser salad and also the grilled lamb kabob dinner.
            Some of the plates are just average, but I've never had anything bad.
            Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for adding more info. My friend said she and her Dad especially love the cinnamon bread and cheese bread there.

            2. Anything you get at Mastoris is great. But bear in mind that the portions are HUGE! And don't fill up on the bread - even though it's tempting. Sometimes there is a wait but it tends to move pretty fast; the place is really enormous.

              1. We were there this past weekend. I had an appetizer that I couldn't possibly finish. Portions are huge. I had clams and sausage with sundried tomatoes and broccoli rabe over linguini. It was wonderful. We brought home a lot of bread that we are still savoring. Bring a cooler to fill with baked goods. Everything we got was exceptional.

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                  I am from Kinston, NC. My sister-in-law brings her sister a carrot cake everytime she comes home from New Jersey. She will not be able to make it home for Thanksgiving. Is it anyway possible two cakes be sent by UPS or however you can send them to me? They are the best I have ever tasted. My plans are to visit her in New Jersey the first part of next year and I plan to dine at Mastoris while I am there.

                  1. re: betty jones

                    I think your best bet would be to phone Mastori's and ask them. Their number is (609)298-4650.

                2. mastoris diner is awesome was raised in b town and i sure do miss the cooking its all chain food here in tampa everything is good there and you always have to leave with a doggie bag i used to order the seafood platter awesome my mouth is drooling now sure do miss it town and country is good also