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Aug 4, 2003 11:24 AM

Vicinity of Cherry HIll

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Need to find someplace to meet 2 other couples near Cherry HIll/Haddonfield etc. on a Saturday night. Want to have a good, leisurely dinner. Price ,cuisine not an object. I come up with one of my old favorites Siri's, any other suggestions welcome.

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  1. Hi Bob.

    If you like Siri's (and I do too!) then You will
    love Le Me Toujours on Route 73 across from the
    Promenade shops. Excellent cuisine, (French-Vietnamese
    or "asian fusion" in my opinion) Excellent presentation,
    and no -rush pace.
    Bring a serious bottle of red or
    white wine. Their filet mignon marinated in tripple
    sec is outstanding! Their seared tuna and the tuna
    carpacio is superb. You can get anything from
    scallops to sea bass to duck to venison or even
    buffalo! It is packed on Saturday nights so make
    a reservation. I think this is some of the finest
    cuisine in South Jersey.

    La Camapagne is a comfy, quaint, BYOB serving French
    style cooking in an old country house right on
    Kresson road near Brace road.
    Their skate in a lemon butter caper sauce is
    outrageous, so are the escargot!
    Dover Sole is a specialty.

    Laceno Italian Grill in Voorhees right off
    of White Horse road serves some of the most delicious
    and freshest food in the area.
    It is also BYOB. Very popular and VERY crowded.
    The salads are superb like grilled octopus or
    squid with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice over
    The grilled whole fish, filleted at table side is
    their specialty.

    Some of the hottest cuisine in South Jersey is being
    served up at Max's in Cinnaminson right off route
    Also a BYOB, it is in an @ 150 year old house with
    lots of quaint rooms. The menu is southern France,
    Italy (Provence) with some occasional Asian influences
    as well. The large, mushroom -filled ravioli is
    an excellent appetizer. If the grilled Branzini in
    a peeky toe crab risotto is on the menu...ORDER IT!
    Chef was formerly at Brasserie Perrier, I believe.

    There are many other excellent places to dine but
    all four of these would provide you Quality, leisurely
    pace (less so at Laceno) and an outstanding dining

    Please let us know where you decide to go, what everyone had, and how your experience was!


    Bon Appetit!


    1. My favorite place in the Cherry Hill area is Melange Cafe. Chef/owner Joe Brown is in the back and much of his family in the front. Incredible blend of creole and italian in a small very comfortable room. Don't go without reservations and don't miss the smoked tomato and crab bisque.

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      1. re: ron

        Love Melange Cafe as well.
        Reasonable prices and BYOB.
        For some reason, the last time we went (@3 weeks ago)
        The creole dishes were "right" on and the Italian
        entres were sort of bland and didn't have a lot of
        The steak was excellent.


        1. re: Markarotti

          I'll be nice and not post this at the top. It's nice to read in chronological order.

          Thai Orchid is barely acceptable.
          The last meal I had at Melange Cafe was so uniformly bad it was laughble.

          I know three good chow places (far from hidden secrets) in Camden.

          I'll tell if others come up with two more reasonable chowhoundish places to try (Susan's Gourmets seems worthy, anyone else know it?)

          1. re: toohw

            I never go to Camden but if you stop being so
            secretive and "fess up" maybe
            you can enlighten all of us!!

            I was not impressed with Melange Cafe last time
            I went and I have not been very impressed with
            Thai Orchid as well.

            I like Sam Sak in Voorhees and I especially
            like A Little Thai Cafe at the corner of Springdale
            Road and Greentree Road in Cherry Hill...
            The Penang Duck at Thai cafe is great!


            1. re: Markarotti

              thanks, mk

              I already know about Little Thai Cafe, but, I'll consider that #2 as a (bow deeply) service to others (and in my view its for lunch, only). So only one more (from someone else) please.

              And never go to Camden? Maybe someone (besides me) should post a good reason to go. There's a number of ways it supplements my cherry hill existence, but, heck, im enough of a boor trying to get chow reccs.

              1. re: toohw

                Bombay Cuisine?
                Authentic Turkish Cuisine?

                1. re: Bugster

                  I give up.

                  Corinne's place. Soul food , huge portions, cheap, friendly , in the heart of not-so beautiful Haddon Ave, just west of Kaigns. This is one I can recommmend for the hungry chow. Don't miss the yams (also good are cabbage and collard greens there's a veg sampler for about $7); all entries are the same price. I'm off meat these days, but everyone likes the chicken, pork, or meat entrees; I do the salmon croquettes instead of the fried fish. It ain't fancy, but if you mind then you might be beyond help. Easy to say it's worth a visit; try going just once.

                  Lindo or Mexico Lindo mentioned previously on this board ? at Merchantville border on Federal Street/36th just East of 130. More than adequate down to the tacos and the rice and beans; no comparison to the chains or El Azteca. Hits the spot when in the mood. Ask for fresh chips.

                  Third, Erlton Bakery. At 401 Marlton Pike (about 3/4 mile east of 130), almost guaranteed to miss it (name?s on side under roof - at corner). All breads recommended -- call in advance to reserve the pepperoni/cheese roll (or ask for other ingredients, including the three cheeses, mushrooms,onions)? perfect texture, flavor, made possible by the bread. In part, you can?t believe they?re still there , and it makes it all taste good. (Now, there?s a cutesy branch in Collingswood)

                  1. re: toohw

                    In the previous message I say just west of Kaigns Avenue -- should be just east (and on south side of Haddon across from Donkey's Steaks).

                    I say east of 130 twice, should be west.

      2. My opinions.

        1. Laceno is an excellent BYOB right by the Echelon Mall. Their fresh filets are incredible and I've never had a problem sitting for 2 hours or more. the wait staff is also excellent. Just be sure to make reservations.

        2. Thai Orchid (next to Joe's Peking Duck House) in the Marlton Crossing Shopping Center (on 73 slightly south of 70) is (in my opinion) better than Siri's. Thier fish is so fresh and absolutely amazing. It's also a BYOB and try the Mae-Nam.

        3. La Posata specializes in fresh pasta made daily. It is right by the AMC Marlton 8, behind Friday's, on Rt. 73. It's a BYOB and I have never had a bad meal there. Simply perfect every time, and if there isn't something on the menu, just ask and they can probably make it for you.

        4. I haven't been there in a while, but Emerald Fish on Rt 70 was excellent. The fish is hand picked every Tuesday (or was) so mid week dining is best. Can remember much, but it was good.

        5. Chez Elana Wu by the new Ritz Theater was awesome the first time I went. Traditional Chinese Dishes that only use the BEST seafood. We had a dish with Mussels that had the biggest, juiciest, freshest, most tender mussels I have ever had in my life.

        6. Pacific Grill on Church Road in Moorestown is a little further away, but also excellent. I don't know how she does it, but her soups of the day made with fruit are the best thing I have every eaten. I generally get one for an appetizer and another for dessert. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. The last time I went it was prickly pear and cucumber. I don't know how she does it, but they are smooth and very refreshing. If you don't go this time, go some time, but call ahead to check what soups she has.

        1. Susan's Gourmet (in the shopping center by Nonna's on Haddonfield-Berlin road) is a good choice--not much atmosphere, but very good "chowish" dishes. I agree with the other posts regarding Laceno and would also suggest Catelli's in the Main Street complex on Evesham Road.

          1. I also highly recommend Le Me Toujours, i was just there Sunday night!
            Other favorites: Trattoria Barone on rt 70 Barclay Farms shopping center.
            A Little Cafe, White Horse Rd in Voorhees. Really good food in a fun atmosphere.
            Villa Barone, Haddon Ave Collingswood
            Word of Mouth, Haddon Ave Collingswood or the sister resturant in Marlton Food for Thought
            All of the above are BYOB

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            1. re: karen

              Hi Karen.
              A friend of mine recently mentioned Word of Mouth
              to me as well.
              He said that it was less expensive and that the
              menu was more interesting than Food for Thought.

              Can you elaborate on the menu at all?

              I absolutely love A Little Cafe (Voorhees N.J.)
              All of the entres are good and the Crab "cigars"
              appetizers are outstanding.
              Desserts are delicious and the portion sizes are good.

              It is such a small place though, that I find it
              too "claustrophobic" on a weekend night which
              is why I did not recommend it in this thread...


              1. re: Markarotti

                a little cafe is, without question, the best restaurant in South Jersey. it's certainly on par with the top spots across the bridge in Philadelphia, plus it's much more affordable. the menus and specials offer a really cool variety. as for Markarotti's comments on the restaurant's size, i'd call it romantic and cozy, certainly not claustrophobic. the staff strives to be friendly and knowledgable and the chef should be working in NYC or Paris!