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Feb 4, 2002 04:51 PM

Ranch 99 by Wolf Rd. in Cupertino

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Any suggestions for good restaurant in this mall? I have yen for beef noodle soup, which I know A&J serves. Are there other good places for Chinese cuisine? And also, any good places for dessert or something place to sit and talk? I don't think A&J is a linger and chat after the bill has come sort of place.

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  1. Fantasia is a great place to sit and chat. They serve pearl milk teas, some Western style cakes, and Chinese desserts like shaved ice. They're my favorite for the quality of the tapioca in pearl milk teas. The atmosphere is very nice as well.

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      I'd just like to add my 2 cents worth re: Fantasia - without a doubt, they make the best pearl tea. I've tried several other places but their's is outstanding! There's a Ranch 99 store in Daly City that I get to now and then and a small ice cream/coffee shop in the same shopping center that makes pearl tea - stopped the other day and tried a Lychee flavored one - was delicious. I usually stick with the milk tea but have decided to branch out and try some of the more exotic ones! Wish there was a place closer to home (Menlo Park). Will have to take a ride down to Cupertino!

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      Melanie Wong

      Wendy, if you're willing to brave Eastern Chinese (Shanghai-Hangzhou-Yangzhou) cuisine again, I can recommend Silver Wing. Here's a link to my first visit there last summer.


      1. I had pretty good dim sum at Joy Luck Place. In addition to the usual suspects, they have a rather extensive array of those peculiar dim sum "cold plates" that my companion and I were not quite up to ordering that day. Too much bubbly the night before or something. But if you're into gelatinous meat product, go at it. Frankly, the cafeteria within the Ranch 99 itself is certainly not bad for the money. Acceptable Sui Mai and the like.

        Also, while at 99, don't forget to grab a chunk of the Sashimi grade Ahi from the refrigerator section of the store. At $12.99/lb. it's a great value and good quality to boot.

        The Pho at Super Bowl(?) was fine but nothing to wax poetic about.

        1. Wendy: How about walking accross the street to the Crab Station. The feature a menu for dinner where you can select many items for $6.00 ea. We have had dinner where we picked Chinese Crpisy Chicken, Salt and Pepper Shrimp and Stir Fried Flounder with Fresh Vegetables for $18.00.

          They also serve dim sum for lunch. I have never had their dim sum.

          If want to spend a little more their crab is live and good.


          1. I've never been disappointed by Taipei Stone House in that mall. Great service and food. That and Silver Wing are my favorites. Joy Luck Place is good for Cantonese dinner, but I had a bad dim sum experience there.

            If you like Tainanese cuisine, there's a little hole in the wall a couple doors down from Taipei Stone House called Southland Taste. The menu is full of sort of scary things like Sauteed Pig Uteri and Cock Testicles (really!), but the food was very good when I went there. (I stayed away from the more, shall we say, non-western-palate items.) No atmosphere, plastic dishes, etc., but cheap and yummy.

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              silver queen

              Southland Taste is really good. (The branch in Milpitas Square, called Tainan, is good too.) More ways to cook pig uteri than you can shake a stick at, plus the ever-fascinating rice-in-a-barrel, served in a moat of catsup. Good for simmered stuff and fried snax.

              But lately I've been liking the Taiwanese porridge restaurant whose name is escaping me at the moment. Awesome porridge, and a tasty selection of goodies to flavor it with - - try the tripe.

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                That would be Joy Luck Place. I was supposed to meet my Dad there a couple of months ago. I had only eaten at the dim sum side of Joy Luck. I didn't know there was the casual cafe side. He waited at one and I the other. We never hooked up that day.