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Feb 4, 2002 01:51 PM

Good barbequed goat? Or goat stew?

  • j

Does anyone know where to get goat dishes in the Bay Area, preferably East Bay? A friend of ours said that the bbq place by the Home Depot in Emeryville used to have fantastic bbqed goat, but they don't serve it anymore, and he's dying to have some good tasty goat.

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  1. Lots of the Mexican places in Fruitvale serve goat -- usually stewed. Look for "birria".

    I think BBQ goat is more a Caribbean dish. You might want to call Jamaica Station and see if they serve it:

    Jamaica Station Bar and Grill
    4929 Shattuck Ave
    Oakland, CA 94609
    (510) 597-1539

    1. z
      Zach Georgopoulos

      Caffe Macaroni, on Columbus St. in S.F., has roasted goat -- darned nice, very juicy with nice roasted potatoes. Their menu changes daily, though, so you'd need to call ahead to see if they have it.

      1. m
        Marc Wallace

        There's a spot in downtown Oakland, at 17th and Telegraph -- "Ma's Carribean and Roti Shop". They usually have goat. It's been a while, but I think they serve it in as a goat stew in a roti.

        It was quite tasty when I last tried it (about two years ago). Coworkers suggest it's still good.

        They're open ~11-5 weekdays, and for lunch on weekends (although sometimes they're closed because they have a big catering order).

        1. s
          Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

          "the BBQ place by the Home Depot" sounds like Doug's. They had goat on the menu at Thanksgiving, when I got my fried turkey. I'll cruise by this week sometime & checkitout.

          1. Just last week I had an amazing bowl of Goat Soup at Chela's Taqueria in Redwood City. Not East Bay, but worth it if you find yourself over there. I actually wrote about it several threads ago. Check them out.