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Feb 4, 2002 01:43 PM

Tofu Land in North Beach?

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Anyone have address/phone #/commentary on Tofu Land (new Korean place) in North Beach/Chinatown? I think there's been some threads, but they didn't show up on a search. thanks!

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  1. Here's a review. I went once and found it OK. I'm thinking I'll return to try it again next week. Anyone up for checking it out? I usually lunch around 12/1 pm.

    Speaking of "Tofu ----" places ... I noticed there's another "Tofu land or Tofu King" or something on Geary near 11th. AND, a "Tofu something" on 6th (?) and Clement, where the short-lived Guilin Garden was. I love tofu, but dang, how many tofu places do we need?


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      If you're looking for tofu stews in the East Bay, I'd recommend Pyung Yang at 47th and Telegraph.

      For 8.99 you get 5 small plates of appetizers, a bowl of tofu stew, and a huge portion of creamy, creamy rice. The rice is served in a stone bowl, and later they come around and chip out the crispy rice for you. I always leave stuffed, with a smallish lunch portion.

    2. Tofu Land is on Vallejo between Stockton and Powell, next to the Police Station. It's good, authentic and reasonable. Check it out.