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Jun 2, 2003 05:44 PM


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Are there any decent restaurants in and around Metuchen? A friend is on the verge of moving there.

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  1. In Metuchen proper, there are three very good restaurants: Dan's on Main, Cafe Abbraci, and the Metuchen Inn. In nearby towns, there are lots of good Indian restaurants in the Oak Tree Road area of Edison, Moghul being one of the best. And in Highland Park, Seven Hills of Instanbul serves excellent Turkish cuisine.

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      I've been quite unimpressed with 7 Hills -- their tomatoes are perpetually overripe and they are overpriced to boot. I 2nd Dick's Dock and recommend the potato encrusted salmon. Makeda's (in New Brunswick) vegetarian sampler is excellent. Also in NB is Soho, a bit glossy but the chef knows what he's doing and I think it's the best value in town.

    2. We lived for many years in Metuchen, and there are many good food choices in and around the area. The Kosher Deli on Main St. used to be wonderful, but I believe there are new owners, so I cannot vouch for it. Jack Cooper's Deli in Tano Mall, Edison is right next door and pretty reliable. For Thai, there is Radhanna's Tai Kitchen, a tiny, very good place, tucked in a corner off Pearl St. There are several good pizza places, too. We liked La Rosa's best.
      New Brunswick is just a few miles away and has a fine restaurant scene, from the upscale Frog and Peach and Stage Left, to the wonderful Jamacian Green Grotto, whose oxtail stew and all jerk items are especially recommended.
      And Edison has Japanese, Korean and just about anything else one would want. It's a fabulous food area. I envy your friend.

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        i live in metuchen now, and in total agreement with this post, especially la rosa's. i would like to add a few things, as well. for delis, you can beat harold's near the raritan expo center in edison. huge corned beef/pastrami ny style sandwiches with an awesome pickle bar. legendary chow place. as for thai, there is sawasdee on main street in metuchen, which i feel is slightly better than radhana. they are the same owners as pad thai and four seasons in piscatway. as for korean, keum ho jung is my fav on old post road in edison. and there is a penang right across the street. and as for new brunswick, i would add makeda's for great ethiopian food. well, hope that helps.

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          Dick's dock on Main St. in Metuchen has great fish!

      2. Revive thread!

        I travel to this neck of the woods frequently and would love some recommendations. What's new, what's closed down, etc...

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          UPDATE....Dan's closed. Alessio is now in his spot. Average Italian, with interesting lunch menu. Harold's running full speed. Jack Cooper's changed hands, but still going. Good brisket, cb and pastrami. If you go to Cooper's for lunch the specials are very good but just beware that the beverage choice does NOT include iced tea..Call me crazy but I consider that to be a wee bit of a price gouge...

        2. The Parisian Cafe (or some similar name) is a very pleasant place for crepes or panini. Great place for lunch. I tried the Afghan restaurant. Tastes more Pakistani than Afghan to me unfortunately.

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