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May 15, 2003 10:13 AM

Pacific Grille / Mt. Laurel, NJ

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Has anyone here been to the Pacific Grille in Mt. Laurel, NJ?

If so, what was your experience, either lunch or dinner, or both?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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  1. I have had some very good dinners there (It is BYOB)
    I had a decent lunch about one year ago and
    some not so good take out also a year ago and I haven't
    gone back since.

    If you like Pan-Asian or Asian Fusion then you have
    to try these two BYOB's...

    1. Siri's Thai-French on Route 70 in Cherry Hill

    2. Le Me Toujours French-Vietnamese on Route
    73 in Marlton

    Both have excellent food with beautiful presentations.


    1. I have never had a bad dinner at Pacific Grille - nice owners and Yudi is a fantastic chef.
      I would recommend avoiding dessert unless it is one that Yudi made herself ( not common these days). Othewise, the desserts they bring in don't do much for me.
      Have never tried the lunch menu so I can't comment on that.

      1. Does anyone know if Pacific Grille closed? Their website and phone seems to be down, not a good sign. My wife loves that place when we get over to NJ. She will miss the Jamalaya. Does anyone know what happened or where Yudi ended up?

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          I am pretty sure Le Me Toujours closed about two years ago. But I was wrong before--2002 was the last time.

          1. re: FatAndOld

            huh? That didn't make any sense to me...

            Oh I see now someone referred to LMT up above. Yes that wouldn't surprise me, this is an old thread, but I am only concerned with the main subject, Pacific Grille.

          2. re: leepinleemur

            I have heard that it recently closed. Not positive though.

          3. I work around the corner from Pacific Grill, and unless they've just left the signage up, they look like they're still open. I only go past there at lunchtime. For anyone who cares, Le Me Toujours is a Tweeter Stereo now, I believe.

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            1. re: harriet1954

              interesting! Please let us know if you happen to get a closer look.
              Thanks for everyone's responses.

              1. re: harriet1954

                Pacific Grill is closed-- the sign now reads "FOR RENT"

                1. re: johnpm

                  Thanks for the confirmation.
                  Let us know if anyone hears where the chef has gone.