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best burger in New Jersey?

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Who makes the best burger in New Jersey? The Star-Ledger, New Jersey's largest paper, is doing a feature on the state's best burgers (the story will include comments from the Chowhound himself!). We would like to know where YOU would go for the best, juiciest, most delicious burger. Thanks!

Peter Genovese
Feature writer
The Star-Ledger

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  1. Rossi's in the Chambersburg area of Trenton. Huge, juicy burgers, great roll in an old time early 1900s style pub.

    Rossi's Bar &

    East Trenton
    501 Morris Ave (Franklin
    St) - map
    Trenton, NJ 08611

    1. What's Your Beef
      Rumson, NJ

      1. Pete! Love your weekly column!

        Being an ex-Trenton guy, you've got to head back to the hometown, to Chambersburg, and try the burgers at:

        Rossi's Bar & Grill
        Caesere's (across the street from Rossi's)
        Good Times Tavern

        All of them are monsters, each of them are fantastic in their own way.

        Check out also, the very fine burgers at

        Triumph Brewing Co. in Princeton

        and Palumbo's in Ewing (lunch only)

        1. Alas, the best burger in New Jersey died more than 20 years ago, when Mother Hubbard went out of business. Mother Hubbard, on Westfield Avenue at Elmora in Elizabeth, started in Manhattan but moved to Elizabeth in late 40s/early 50s when the Manhattan landlord started rent gouging (at least, that's what the proprietress told me). They made their burgers strictly out of porterhouse tails.

          Now that's a burger!

          They also had exceptional pies, particularly apple. And it's the only place I knew that ever had "lettuce soup" as one of its rotating soups of the day.

          When I was growing up, the other kids went to White Castle across the street. I saved my pennies for Mother Hubbard.

          1. The Station

            It gets no better.

            1. white manna

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                There's also a Whita Manna in Hackensack.

              2. Used to be me, but I moved out of state in 1968.

                Since then, White Manna of course. Anthony Wayne ain't bad either.

                Holly Moore

                Link: http://www.hollyeats.com

                1. my vote goes to arthur's tavern in hoboken, north brunswick, etc. the bleu cheeseburger is my fav. they are the juiciest, tasiest burgers i've had in jersey. they have the best steaks as well, but that is a whole other thread...

                  1. is to keep these inane types of threads off the board.

                    What's next "Best Pizza?"

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                      Fine. Now who do you think makes the best burger in NJ?

                      1. re: 2chez mike

                        You are right, of course. Inquiring minds need to know this.

                        We must focus on the goal.

                    2. The Bootlegger, Highlands.

                      1. In the past you have praised the Eddie's Long Bar in Newark in your column. I agree that it's a neat place with alot of atmosphere and a very good burger, but it doesn't even have the best burger in Newark. The best burger in Newark and in the state is at Krug's.

                        1. Of course it's in South Jersey! The White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City has to be a contender. They are world famous for their subs, why should they slack on burgers? Have it with fried onions and hot peppers. They take about 20 minutes to make.

                          1. Pal's Cabin in West Orange.
                            It may be old fashioned, but its one of the few places I will eat a hamburger. They have excellent quality fresh ground meat... you can taste the difference.

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                              I've lived in W. Orange for 3 years now, and been to Pal's Cabin twice. On both occassions I felt my stomach had been violated by the food there..... I still cannot for the life of me understand the crowds that go there... nor can I even comprehend anyone recommending ANYTHING from that joint. Even the Greek diner down my street serves better burgers.

                            2. It's got to be the Bourbon burger at The Cloverleaf in West Caldwell

                              1. j

                                By far the least known and best burger in the entire state can be found in a little known place in Cassville, the Cassville Tavern. A civil war era inn located in Jackson NJ. It is a piney locals only place where because of road widening as you enjoy your burger and one of the many tap beers you think you are in the passing lane of route 571 when the light changes. I suggest the Muenster Monster Burger with a side order of cajun fries. Cannot beat it anywhere if you are brave enough to go in, you will move to Jackson just to have it nearby.

                                  1. re: Don
                                    Allie D'Augustine

                                    I MISS White Castle. There was a 24-hour one on Rt. 1 right near where I grew up, and we used to go at all hours... Nothing like a greasy, oniony hamburger late at night, if you're not going to stop for breakfast at a diner.

                                    Although I wouldn't call it a hamburger. It's a "White Castle burger," just like "Pizza Hut pizza" is its own category of food.


                                  2. The Brothers Moon
                                    It's a small restaurant in hopewell which is near princeton. They use organic beef and has the best flavor from a burger that I've ever had!

                                    1. k
                                      Kevin B. Keane

                                      Dear Pete,
                                      I read that you're traveling south to the Cape tomorrow. After reading your column about sunsets. Why not try the Whalers Cove in Lower Township? It's about three quarters of a mile from the entrance of the Cape May/Lewes Ferry. They have a great raw bar with plenty of specials. You can enjoy your meal while enjoying a spectacular sunset on the Delaware Bay. Another spectacular view can be enjoyed while dining at the Pelican Club overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It's quite a romantic spot on the top floor of the hotel

                                      1. The Race Street Cafe in Frenchtown has the BEST burger I've ever tasted. Fresh meat cooked perfectly with all the right fixings on a fresh baked roll. It doesn't get any better then that.

                                        They changed owners recently, maybe 6 months ago. I never went there when the old owners were doing the cooking but these new guys have it down.