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Feb 6, 2003 10:14 AM

Sushi in Cherry Hill

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I apologize for redundancy..I am new here and don't quite have the hand of the search function...looking for the name of the rather well known and highly reputed Sushi place in Cherry hill. Is is Fumo? Fujo? Looking for a high end sushi expereince, similiar to Morimoto.

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  1. dont know what youre looking for, but very good sushi nearby is Sagami in collingswood

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      just realized you're probably thinking of fuji, also highly recommended, in cinnaminson. both sagami and fuji have been written about on this board. go to chowhound search and type in the one word name of the restaurant.

    2. Sagami seems to be the undisputed best sushi in the Cherry Hill area. The food is simple and outstanding. Not sure if you would call it a high end sushi experience, but the food is certainly high end quality. The experience however, includes packing into a closet sized lobby to wait an hour sometimes for a table, even if you have a reservation, jersey-basement style decor, complete with low drop ceiling and fake wood panel walls, and rushed service. Nothing like Morimoto for the experience, but for the food, Sagami is great.

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      1. re: Ian in cherry hill is fabulous

        fuji is opening back up this tues in haddonfield

        mikado is really good too

        Mikado Japanese Cuisine
        2320 Marlton Pike W
        Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
        (856) 665-4411

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          we waited for 45 minutes once at Sagami to get to the table to give our names FOR our reservation. And I was still two groups behind.

          I gave up and left when some guy breezed in, shoved his way through all of us, explaining in a high-and-mighty tone "I have a reservation" - the hostess clearly knew him - greeted him and sat him - knowing what we were all in line to do. While the other four couples, all waiting to give their names to "check in" for their reservations, looked at each other dumbfounded.

          We all walked out. Not that it matters to them, but I felt good about it.

          We've enjoyed both Fuji and Mikado. There was a place, "monsoon" on Route 73 (mount laurel, maybe?) that was excellent. But they changed their name - can't remember to what - and we haven't been there since.

        2. There is an EXCELLENT sushi place called Oh Yoko Sushi off of rt. 70 in Cherry Hill. It is in the same shopping center as the Viennese cafe. Do not be fooled - the exterior looks unassuming, but once you walk in you will feel like you are in a swanky restaurant in the city. Nothing like the "typical" japanese hibachi decor that you find at most places. Their dishes are beautifully presented with the freshest ingredients. The place is BYOB - and trust me you will not be disappointed. I only wish I lived closer!!! Check out their website:

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          1. re: beccafin

            Thanks for posting this place. Im gonna try it next weekend before the comedy show next door!

            1. re: vipfitness

              We went to oh yoko last night and I was impressed not only with the food but the service! The owners were soo nice and catering! They customized a bunch of our orders and made wonderful suggestions, their see eel is amazing, you have to ask for that,its a special order!
              Thanks again for the recommendation!

              1. re: vipfitness

                I am so happy that you enjoyed it!

          2. The original comment has been removed