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Feb 6, 2003 09:58 AM

New Brunswick

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In New Brunswick NJ: Given the choice which would you choose for a special family meal (2 adults 2 teenagers) Soho or Frog and Peach?

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  1. I think that Soho will be a more enjoyable experience overall. I conceed that F and P has a better priced and more diverse wine list, and their fish preperations are cleaner, better. But Soho is a better atmosphere, ( if perhaps a teeny bit more casual than F and P, which might be a consideration if this is a VERY VERY special event) and their menu is better executed, more interesting and stronger flavors and combinations. Soho has a different feeling on weekends later at night, so that might be a consideration too. Enjoy your meal.

    1. Since you are taking two teenagers, I would agree with the Soho on George recommendation. We haven't been to F&P in quite a while. At that time, the atmosphere was rather formal -- I think jackets were required -- but, perhaps, things are looser now. The food was fine. We had dinner at Soho this past summer, and we found the creative American cuisine to be excellent. (They have the most outrageously delicious breadsticks. Those alone are worth going for!) The contemporary decor is quite attractive, and there is the kind of vibe -- no stuffiness here -- which I think will appeal to your teens.

      1. Soho has more energy than the Frog. I go there with a picky vegetarian and a equally picky kid - the menu is varied enough that everyone can be satisfied. I believe the Frog is resting on its laurels. I give it credit for being a New Brunswick pioneer and staking out a fine dining establishment when the city was "in transition"; however, the last two times I've been there I had the same over-bearing, obnoxious waiter (my dinner became his one-man show) and the food was not up to the Frog's hype and, frankly, was over-priced. But since you are in the neighborhood, consider Delta's - it is hip, fun, and filling (if you aren't focused on your HDL numbers).

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          I'll fourth the recommendation for Soho.

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            Ah, the resurrection of an ancient thread. I see it's been 7 years since our one and only meal at Soho. Since then, we've been to the Frog numerous times, mostly for lunch. And that jackets required business is long gone.

            Not sure why we haven't paid another visit to Soho. Just took a look at the current menu, and there's a duck main course that sounds right up my culinary alley. I may just have to put Soho on my "go back to" list.

            b., When was the last time you ate there?

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              R - It has been awhile. Maybe two years ago. Sorry I can't offer any current insight. BTW, I didn't notice the age of the thread.

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                The date caught my eye because we hadn't been to Soho in such a long time. I always find it amusing when an old thread pops up and wonder if the person who resurrects it bothered to look at the date stamps.

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         or why would one go back and post to a thread that is 7 years old?

                  Anyway...SoHo is one of our go to places in NB. Reasonably priced (though not LARGE) wine list...excellent service, friendly atmosphere

                  Had been to the Frog many times but had a really bad experience there....too many other places to spend my money

        2. I haven't been in a while...but soho used to serve up some of the best duck breast in NJ....

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            I hear that Soho on George is closed. Anyone know anything?

            1. re: CaroleK

              Yes, it closed some time ago. Nothing has taken its place.