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Feb 2, 2002 12:43 PM

lunch at Vien Huong, Wed Feb 6th, noon (downtown Oakland lunch #4 of 2002)

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Damon found a little hole in the wall that apparently has huge lines of teens waiting to get in on the weekends. It was going to be a complete experiment, but I've actually been there:

Vien Huong at 712 Franklin, next to the Long Pat market.

They primarily have noodle soups, although some of the rice plates have looked good. Tasty and astonishingly cheap (most of the soups are $4.15).

As always, rsvp if you want the group to wait for you. We'll gather outside (or try to, it's a crowded area) at or just before noon.

Oh: I chose Wednesday for this lunch, instead of Friday. Why? (1) change of pace, might get some new faces. (2) Thu/Fri tend to be more crowded lunch days. (3) some people work in places where either groups of coworkers go out together on Fridays, or things tend to get hectic (hard to put lunch over work!). And finally, the greedy reason: (4) Mi Casa is best on Fridays, and I'm starting to miss it!


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  1. I tried this place sometime last year upon a strong recommendation from a friend. Their noodle soup is good. Also I remember the appetizer fish cake was also good. Ice coffee is nice also. It was crowded and we had to wait 10--15 min to get a seat.

    This is great, you guys are starting to knock down these restaurants with reviews. But there is tons more. There are at least 30-40 Asian places there that's worth a visit.

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    1. re: Han Lukito
      Nathan Landau

      Marc, why is Mi Casa better on Fridays?

      Han--30 to 40 good Asian restaurants in Oakland? Whoa. Why don't you list a few.

      1. re: Nathan Landau

        I can't say they are all good because I haven't tried them all. One night(several months ago) I walked around couple of the streets and saw lots of Chinese/Asian restaurants that seemed worth exploring. They have long menus with some interesting dishes.

        1. re: Nathan Landau
          Marc Wallace

          When I've been to Mi Casa early in the week, the cook comes out and takes the orders -- and he sometimes gets confused. On Friday (and possibly Thursday) there's an actual waitress.

          It just makes it a more pleasant experience... the food is the same either way.

        2. re: Han Lukito
          Patrick Suwarsa


          The second time I was there, the soup wasn't that tasty compare to my previous trip.
          These kind of places ussually has quality swings.
          But overall, I will rate it good(worth the visit)

        3. j

          Marc: I can't make it (biz mtg in SF) but please don't get discouraged! I love your initiative and wish I could join you more often.

          1. Count me in. Also can we try Borenqueina for our next chowhound lunch?

            1. r

              This will be my first Chowhound gathering ever, and I would really like to be there! (Is that adequate for an official RSVP??)

              Thanks...until Wednesday!

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              1. re: RichardAdams
                Marc Wallace

                Sure is.

                Unfortunately, I sprained something in my foot, so I'm going to miss the lunch. (seems lame for the coordinator to miss it, but...)

                Wendy and Nathan and perhaps another one or two folks will be there... you'll probably run into them out front. Just look for people hanging out who aren't in line!