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Oct 25, 2002 06:09 PM

gourmet markets/deli's

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looking for some new places in north and central new jersey.thanks!

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    For Italian, I like Bartolomeo's in Palisades Park. Wonderful fresh foods (store-made mozz, etc.) plus a large stock of imported canned and dried foods. Good brick-oven pizza place just next door.
    Kocher's Pork Store in Ridgefield Park is just a terrific old-fashioned butcher shop, with the added attraction of prepared foods to go, and shelves full of German/Scandinavian grocery items. You must try their store-made bologna and wursts. Also, the jalapeno hotdogs!

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      Kocher's is in Ridgefield, not Ridgefield Park.
      634 Bergen Boulevard
      (201) 945-7086

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        han ah rheum is a korean market and has many stores in shopping center-farview
        on broad avenue for many blocks are korean restaurants, clothing, tea, etc.
        if you enjoy japanese cuisine try mitsuwa center on river road in edgewater-

    2. The Fairway Market, corner of Central and Anderson (in Cliffside Park?).

      Think it's the same as the New york chain. Excellent butcher, produce, bread, imported cheese, and they also have a limited wine selection.

      More expensive than ShopRite down the hill, but certain things are worth it. Like Manchego and ciabatta.

      1. For the past year, Euro Market at 414 Bergen Palisades Park has been doing retail business for its fabulous Italian deli and grocery staples. The prices are half of what most other places charge as it primarily does distribution. The food is FRESH. It is run by a brother and sister from Southern Italy. It feels European and most people will be speaking Italian. One of the assistants speaks Spanish. Everyone at the store speaks English.Go and feel like you have discovered a new gem. You have!

        1. If you're looking for NEW places, you might check the new gourmet Italian market that just opened in in Red Bank. It's on the corner of W Front St and Shrewsbury Avenue -- across from the Galleria parking lot. I think it's called Delfinos. I stopped for a quick look around. It's a small place with a bakery (breads and pastries), meat counter, lots of prepared foods. I bought a few Italian butter cookies. I thought they were OK, but not nearly as good as J&M in Middletown. My comment is based on tasting 3 cookies, so I'm reserving judgement on this place. I wonder if anyone has tried their prepared foods or sandwiches.

          In Monmouth County my favorite gourmet market is Sickles Market in Little Silver. Then I like Dearborn Farms in Holmdel and Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck.

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            Monmouth Meats (on Monmouth Street) in Red Bank is by far the best butcher shop around - they supply meat to countless restaurants in the area. It is a traditional butcher shop with some really neat specialty products as well. I hear they also have great lunch specials and soup every day.

          2. A good Italian Specialtiy buthcher/deli/gourmet market is:

            24 Prospect Plz
            Little Silver, NJ 07739
            (732) 741-9505

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              I'll second the nod for this place. I like going in for just the smells.

              I will also add on RT34 in Aberdeen there is an Italian place next to the McDonalds which is also very very good. The name is similar but I want to say Fertellis, Federuccis, Fratellis....something like that.