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Feb 2, 2002 01:22 AM

Where to find Sweet Li Hing Mui (Dried Plums)?

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As a kid we used to buy these dried plums at the chinese food store in Sacramento. I found them in Honolulu and can get them online. I've included their website below for those interested. The packaged ones that I've seen in most food stores can be hit or miss. I like to sample them before buying to make sure they're the ones I like. I was wondering if anyone knows where you can buy them in bulk here in San Francisco? Thanks.


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  1. In SF on 704 Kearney St is a place called Aji Ichiban - House of Munchies or something like that. They are online also. There are samples of everything cut up into little pieces so you can sample. Ph. no. 415. 986-3880

    1. These seed mui's can be purchase in most Chinese Herb store. The two best I like on the same block on Stockton between Washington and Jackson accross the street from CACA. They are in big glass jars. The are sold by the pound and the they clearly marked. The pricing from $5 to $8 a pound. They plums sweet and salty, mangos, dried yams (this was cheapest item and if you good teeth it great) to thing I do not know the names of. The staff are helpful, but there English is limit. If you buy one that like the right stuff, I have had no problems tasting something else. After they get to know you there will be no problem. The stock is fresh there turnover is quick. The Herb store closer to Jackson was a little cheaper last time I went. I will be going to Chinatown next weekend to get ready for Lunar new Year and will be the names of the store and

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        I'm in Massachusetts. Is there a way to order by phone?

      2. You can get them at the Civic Center Farmer's Market (Wednesdays) from one of the vendors. I don't remember the name of them, but it's not so huge that you should have any problem. All I recall is that their stand is always on the south side.

        I can't compare them to anything, as these are the first and only I've had-but I think they're really good. And since they bring them from their farm, they might cut you a deal on purchasing in bulk.