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Jul 31, 2002 12:31 PM

Newport News restaurants?

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Any recs for anything good in Newport News? Any style, any price.



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  1. Try Nick's Seafood (might actually be in Hampton). Also, be sure and take a ride into Norfolk for Regino's (Wards Corner Shopping Center) - truely great pizza and Italian food! I stop by there when ever I head to the Tidewater area.

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    1. re: pizza4me
      Ron Rosenbaum

      Sorry, Regino's is gone... I'll never forget my 1st linguini with white clam sauce...sigh...

      1. re: Ron Rosenbaum

        All right...Nick's is in Yorktown...old-fashioned greek, Kitschy decor from the past...lots of fun
        Regino's, Norfolk has just reopened in a former Pizza Hut near Ocean View...haven't been yet but everyone very happy
        Newport News....99 Main(St) is very upscale and really delicious, Nawab is good Indian, Cities' Grill good mixed-up American, and Kyung Sung for Korean
        In Hampton downtown has a little restaurant scene including the delicious Bobby's Americana

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          The new Regino's is a nice surprise. They've re-opened in an old Pizza Hut, and it's brighter than the original site but just as cozy. The best news is that they saved the old recipes, and you get the same great dishes with that signature heavy, rich tomato sauce. Spaghetti a la Regino's will still feed an army. Service is quick and friendly. I live in DC now and only get back home about every 2 months, but have made the trip up Little Creek Road each recent visit to eat at Regino's.

    2. Hi, I'm hoping to be staying here soon for 3 weeks of training and would love some (any) updated suggestions for dining. I know I'll need to eat outside of the hotel or I'll go nuts.

      I love seafood, Italian, sushi, Thai, French, American, steak, bbq, oysters!, Mexican ... really, anything goes!

      Thanks! :)

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          I was born and raised in Newport News - here are a few gems to try: For a really great (and very reasonably priced) sub, try the Subway Station right across from Christopher Newport University. Pizza - Andrea's Pizza on Mercury Blvd. in the Riverdale Shopping Center, deflicious Greek food try The Castle, THE BEST INDIAN AROUND - Nawab on Jefferson Avenue, BBQ - Pierce's in Williamsburg, Sushi - Soya in Hampton or on Warwick Blvd., Mexican - El Mariachi's on J.Clyde Morris Blvd, Best Fried Calamari + Sunset View over the James - The Crab Shack on Mercury Blvd. near the James River Bridge, Italian - Joe & Mimma's on George Washington Hwy. in Yorktown, Thai - Pattaya Thai also on GWH in Yorktown. Hope this helps you out - good luck!

          Subway Station
          15425 Warwick Blvd Ste A, Newport News, VA 23608

          1. re: littleflower

            Thanks so much. Going back up there again soon and renting a car this time! We were trapped in the hotel for 5 days - not going to happen again :)

        2. If you want Thai cuisine...try Bangkok Noi in Gloucester VA on Main St....very nice owners and all authentic Thai cuisine....excellent food and service...specials every night too...about 20 mins north on Rt 17 from NN area but worth it for Thai!!!

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            My rec in Newport News would be for Village Kabab on US 17. It's owned and run by a nice Pakistani couple and all of the food is cooked to order. Fresh and tasty. They also offer at 10% discount to military, teachers, and law enforcement personnel.


            1. re: hopkid

              That place must be relatively new - I have been out of the area for a few months, and don't recognize the name. I must try it out when I go back to visit my friends there soon!! I am impressed that there is now Pakistani food in that area - it has come a very long way in it's number of ethnic restaurants. Very cool.

          2. Well I didn't rent a car because money was tight and my travel partner/coworker resigned so I had no one to share expenses with. So I was at the mercy of another coworker who lives in NN. She took me to Ghent and we ate at two different restaurants. I suppose I should post these reviews in a Norfolk thread, but oh well.

            O'sullivans: a real dive bar. Good crab cake - lumpy! (ordered it fried), she-crab soup tasted good, but a bit too thick IMO, $10/dozen oysters were good, a bit small, good beer, oysters rockafeller were not traditional so I didn't like them, but they weren't bad - just oysters with spinach and melted cheese. blah. The scenery was kitschy goofy, but cute and it had me laughing for about 10 minutes. It's a dive and it's cheap - don't expect much from it and you'll be ok.

            A.W. Shucks - awesome oysters. We got a sampling platter of 4 different kinds. Wonderful platter for $21. Not cheap, but not outrageous either. Very low key restaurant, but a good choice for high end oysters. A guy next to us ordered a bacon cheeseburger and it looked wonderful. That's all I've got on this place. :)