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Feb 1, 2002 06:00 PM

Cellar Cat Cafe...Glen Ellen, Sonoma Valley

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There's a cool new spot in Glen Ellen, (just north of the city of Sonoma)- The Cellar Cat Cafe. Last night I had a hearty Croque Monsieur with salad(9.50), and a great time. The cafe is located in Jack London Village, which is also home to The Olive Press, Mucca & others.

I was impressed with the warm atmosphere- the space is pretty with lots of windows looking towards the creek. The owner was there with her dog, making everyone at home. Charming!

They have a huge BINDER of a wine list, (which will grow even more soon), with local and global wines by the 1/2 glass, full glass, or bottle. Well chosen & very well priced. They also have beers, cider, coffee drinks, soft drinks.

I went in for a sit down dinner, (tablecloths & candles,) but you could just as easily go sit at the bar for a drink, or coffee and pastry.

The Cellar Cat Cafe
14301 Arnold Dr. #23
Glen Ellen, CA. 95442

Winter Hours:
9-9 Daily, 9-10 Fri & Sat
Sat & Sun Brunch 9-2:30, Lunch 11-5, Dinner 5- closing

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  1. m
    Melanie Wong

    I'm due to get together with a friend in the nabe and this looks like it should be the spot!

    Also, do you have a name for the Glen Ellen coffee shop owned by a Finnish couple that was reported here a couple weeks ago?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong
      Jackie Avery

      The Finnish bakery is

      Finlandia Cafe & Bakery
      13647 Arnold Dr.
      Glen Ellen

      I know they close after lunch... I was there around 2:45 on Thursday, so I'm guessing they close around 3pm. I had this lemon scone that had way too much icing on top, but beside that was fab. Moist, and it seemed to have hunks of candied lemon peel inside. I'm a total sucker for lemons. When I was there, they were sold out of almost everything- better to go earlier. The woman owner is a sweetie. It is an odd spot, I'd love to hear what you think.

    2. It is a cool little place isn't it? I also enjoyed Mucca next door (same complex). It's a sister to Globe in S.F. and really is a charming little place with good prices and a wonderful goat cheese in oil that comes with the bread.