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Feb 23, 2002 10:52 PM

Amish market in Flemington?

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Anyone have any report on this? I'm told there is an awesome poultry stand there.

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  1. There is also a decent one on the north side of rte 27 a couple of mile east of Princeton in a shopping center. Only open Th/Fri/Sat

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      in general, the amish market in south brunswick on rte 27 is better than the one in flemington. the bakery section is not 100% consistent, but, normally, its sticky buns are the best anywhere. for the best amish roasted chicken in the area, you will have to go to the amish section of philly's reading terminal (on 12th between arch and market).

    2. How far would you be traveling to get there? The poultry stand is good -- I would not call it awesome. They have fresh rabbit and the chickens are free range (I think). The prices seem high to me. The vegetable stand is decent, and the only reason I go there. They squeeze fresh orange juice on the spot. Everything else is rather ordinary or less than. Avoid the seafood counter no matter what. Wegman's is about 15 minutes north of Flemington on Rte. 202, and is worth the trip.