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Jan 21, 2002 10:01 PM

NYC to Atlantic City, any good places to bite?

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We often find ourselves hungry, not wanting to stop at the rest stops. If you have any suggestions, not too far off the Garden State PKW, please respond.

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  1. What are you looking for quick & good or more of a dining experience?

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    1. re: Pat

      Pete and Elda's bar in Neptune City....... great food, I mean really great at great prices too. Their pizza is out of this world and their buffalo wings are fabulous! great munchies all the way around.

      1. re: Em

        Pete & Elda's Pizza is a tourist atttraction. WAY overrated. Go to Vesuvio's in Belmar. THat is where locals eat pizza.

    2. Yes, take exit 74 in Forked River, go east on Lacey Road to Route 9, then south (R) several miles ,passing the Oyster Creek nuke plant till you see the "Thirsty Mallard" restaurant on the left.Nice pub food,burgers, early birds, etc. and great fish and chips,don't try the Italian (comes out of a jar). Reasonable and has a real Joisy Shaw atmosphere, mostly ducks ! When you leave, you continue south a mile, go west a mile or two until you get back on the GSP so you're really not going too far out of the way. Conversely if you're coming up the GSP, take exit 69 go east to Route 9, turn left, restaurant is on your left a few miles up the road..leaving you can continue to Lacey Rd, then rejoin the GSP north. For great steaks using the same exit\entries, there is Caffrey's on Route 9 north of the nuke plant across the street from Charlie Brown's Steak House.(Caffrey's beef is superior ) The Forked River exit is about an hour from AC during normal traffic.