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Jan 16, 2002 04:21 PM

NJ Turnpike Exit 10-Anywhere to Eat?

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Have to spend next weekend at the Sheraton in Edison, NJ. I'm not familiar with the area at all and would appreciate restaurant recommendations for Saturday dinner.

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  1. Here are a few (you are in my boyhood home...) that stand out, especially if you have a car:

    At 200 Front St. in Perth Amboy is Seabra's Armory, a Portuguese/Brazilian place (fabulous seafood, wonderful rodizio, incredible caipirinhas). From the Sheraton you need to get back out to Woodbridge Ave. (Middlesex Co. 514), and turn right. Go under all the highways and make a right on county 501, New Brunswick Ave. Take this all the way (and it's a longish way) to Smith St. in the middle of Perth Amboy (hint: look for a huge downtown with signs all in Spanish). Turn left onto Smith St. Turn right onto High St. Go around the circle (keep going straight) and make a left on Gordon St. You will drive straight into their parking lot.

    If it's diner food you're after, you can't beat the Reo Diner. To get there, go out to Woodbridge Ave. and make a right (becomes Main St. in Woodbridge Twp.). Go a few miles and make a left onto NJ-35, Amboy Ave. Reo Diner is the first block on your right.

    Polish food - there is a no-decor Polish restaurant with incredible food on Main St. in Woodbridge. It is called Polanka. To get there, go out to Woodbridge Ave. and turn right. Go a few miles and it's in the first block past NJ-35, in the middle of downtown Woodbridge.

    Pizza - My favourite pizza in the whole state is Angelo's Pizza, at the intersection of Amboy Ave. and St. George's Ave. in Woodbridge. To get there, go out to Woodbridge Ave. and turn right. Turn left after 4 miles or so on NJ-35 (Amboy Ave.) Go through three lights and then watch for Angelo's on the right.

    Any requests? I've been there recently (well... Christmas anyway) so I can help you target what you want (if I know of any).

    Bone appetit!

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      You are absolutely right about Seabra's armory. The view of the Raritan River is spectacular, and the long pier allows for many a romantic walk. I had my first kiss with my girlfriend there, and I'm planning on taking her back there to propose next month. The dining halls are beautiful, and the place has a great deal of history built into it as well; not to mention that the food is out of this world! Do you have any idea where I can find a picture of Seabra's Armory online?

      1. re: PRSMDave

        Harold's Deli the BEST in Raitan Center

      2. Healthy Tofu restaurant at 558 0ld Post Road makes great korean soft tofu stew (especially its vegetarian version). It is connected on the inside to Myung Dong Meat Market, which is the store next door (the meat looks very fresh, but i've never eaten meat there).

        Note: Old Post Road is U-shaped and crosses U.S. 1 twice. Healthy Tofu is on the northern section between U.S. 1 North and Mill Road. It is in a small strip mall close to U.S. 1.

        1. well Harolds is right there...I'm more familiar with Sayreville area so Costa Verde is worth checking out for Portuguese food.

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          1. re: RPMcMurphy


            The o.p.'s request was for places near Turnpike Exit 10. Costa Verde is about a 5-minute drive from Exit 11 -- quite far from 10.

            In any event, C.V has been there for as long as I can remember, i.e., many, many years, and though we've passed it hundreds of times, we never tried it because they used to permit smoking. Once the smoking ban became law, I considered going there but heard there had been a change of ownership and that the quality of the food had deteriorated, so I scrapped the idea.

            I've found their website and am a bit surprised to see a photo of a white tablecloth dining room -- not what I would have expected.

            Do you think the food is worth trying? What kind of a crowd do they attract?


            1. re: RGR

              I like the food, but I'm usually a sucker for the local Portuguese places. I live walking distance from both Ria Mar and Fisherman in South River, and grew up around Costa Verde.

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                Actually Costa Verde is no more than 15 minutes at the most from where he's staying if you hop on Rt.440. which is right around the corner from where she's staying.

                1. re: jrd303

                  Actually, it's 6 years, 15 minutes...

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Without putting much thought into it.
                You have to try HAROLD Deli. Its in a hotel right in the Raratian Center area.
                Huge portions. Not really for a single, its better with a few people or a group.