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Any cool places to eat in Walnut Creek?

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I will be in Walnut Creek on Sunday and would appreciate any suggestions re: a cool place to have lunch.

Any tips re: exceptional pastry or dessert places would also be welcomed.

I am not familiar with the area, so complete addresses, cross streets, landmarks, etc. would be very helpful.



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  1. Today the San Francisco Chronicle had the following review.

    In case, you missed it--and for other viewers to this discussion board, I place the following link.

    Link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article...

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      Moonrise got a lousy review... would NOT go there, if the food's mediocre and the prices are high!

    2. Not a native but there's a great steak place and a very cool restaurant (sorry - names escape me) right next to the Oakville Grocery in the dead center of town - a block or so from Barnes & Noble and Nordstrom. Hard to miss.

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      1. re: Hunter

        Looked them up:

        Vic Stewarts on Broadway (steak)
        Lark Creek on Locust (good lunch)

      2. Il Fornaio, downtown, right opposite Nordstrom's, has a great lunch, and should be able to satisfy your sweet tooth also. For other dessert/pastry choices, walk a block or two down North Main (going North), and there's a pastry shop (almost a little hidden away), on the right hand side... looked good! Further down the street, on the same side, you have Prima's, a restaurant with great food and excellent wines. All these restaurants are fairly pricey though... one block east is Salvatore's, a great Italian restaurant with more reasonable prices.
        Good luck!

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          Marc Wallace

          I'd recommend Swarna (1690 Locust, on the north end of the downtown shopping district) for great Indian food.

          They have a lunch buffet that has a really good selection (about twelve dishes? plus dal, chutneys, two kinds of rice).

          But I go there mostly for the South Indian food. The rasam is great, as are the dosas (I prefer the andras masala dosa).

          There's good dessert about a block south of there -- not sure of the name of the place, though. If you leave Swarna and go to the east, you hit some major street. Go south on it for about a block or two; it's on the right side of the street (west), kind of set back... with a large patio...

          1. We have had nice food at Montecatini on Civic. The Walnut Creek Yacht Club is supposed to be quite good. I think it is on Locust. There is also an Afghan restaurant on Main which I have heard nice things about.

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              I agree, Susan, Montecatini is great for traditional family style Italian. The Afghan restaurant is one of my favorites: Roya (owner's daughter's name)on North Main and Bonanza. My favorites: lamb, veal, pumpkin, spinach. Restaurant is tiny; kitchen a postage stamp; service good. Believe owner was cook at a great Afghan restaurant in a strip mall in San Carlos (can't remember the name!) We also like Amalfi for more upscale Italian.

            2. My favourite is a place called Pasta Primavera. See link below for all the details.

              My fave's here are the utterly delicious sundried tomato dip they give with fresh warm bread. We usually eat so much of this, that we have to take the entree's home for later. Favorite pasta here is the Pasta Jambalaya. To tell the truth, nothing cajun about it, but strong good flavour in the sauce. Desserts always looked good but never did make enough tummy space for them.

              Link: http://www.pastaprimavera.com/

              1. I like Prima, a Northern Italian place that has a huge, reputable wine list and their own wine store next door. Pleasant atmosphere and good food.

                For Chinese, there's Zheng Long. Delicious food, nice atmosphere (not always the case with Chinese restaurants), and outdoor seating as well.

                1522 Main Street (between Bonanza and Lincoln)

                Zheng Long
                1448 South Main Street