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Feb 1, 2002 12:08 PM

Any cool places to eat in Walnut Creek?

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I will be in Walnut Creek on Sunday and would appreciate any suggestions re: a cool place to have lunch.

Any tips re: exceptional pastry or dessert places would also be welcomed.

I am not familiar with the area, so complete addresses, cross streets, landmarks, etc. would be very helpful.


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  1. Today the San Francisco Chronicle had the following review.

    In case, you missed it--and for other viewers to this discussion board, I place the following link.


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    1. re: Hiko Ikeda

      Moonrise got a lousy review... would NOT go there, if the food's mediocre and the prices are high!

    2. Not a native but there's a great steak place and a very cool restaurant (sorry - names escape me) right next to the Oakville Grocery in the dead center of town - a block or so from Barnes & Noble and Nordstrom. Hard to miss.

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      1. re: Hunter

        Looked them up:

        Vic Stewarts on Broadway (steak)
        Lark Creek on Locust (good lunch)

      2. Il Fornaio, downtown, right opposite Nordstrom's, has a great lunch, and should be able to satisfy your sweet tooth also. For other dessert/pastry choices, walk a block or two down North Main (going North), and there's a pastry shop (almost a little hidden away), on the right hand side... looked good! Further down the street, on the same side, you have Prima's, a restaurant with great food and excellent wines. All these restaurants are fairly pricey though... one block east is Salvatore's, a great Italian restaurant with more reasonable prices.
        Good luck!

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          Marc Wallace

          I'd recommend Swarna (1690 Locust, on the north end of the downtown shopping district) for great Indian food.

          They have a lunch buffet that has a really good selection (about twelve dishes? plus dal, chutneys, two kinds of rice).

          But I go there mostly for the South Indian food. The rasam is great, as are the dosas (I prefer the andras masala dosa).

          There's good dessert about a block south of there -- not sure of the name of the place, though. If you leave Swarna and go to the east, you hit some major street. Go south on it for about a block or two; it's on the right side of the street (west), kind of set back... with a large patio...

          1. We have had nice food at Montecatini on Civic. The Walnut Creek Yacht Club is supposed to be quite good. I think it is on Locust. There is also an Afghan restaurant on Main which I have heard nice things about.

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            1. re: susan blair

              I agree, Susan, Montecatini is great for traditional family style Italian. The Afghan restaurant is one of my favorites: Roya (owner's daughter's name)on North Main and Bonanza. My favorites: lamb, veal, pumpkin, spinach. Restaurant is tiny; kitchen a postage stamp; service good. Believe owner was cook at a great Afghan restaurant in a strip mall in San Carlos (can't remember the name!) We also like Amalfi for more upscale Italian.