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Jan 2, 2002 11:18 AM

lyndhurst/rutherford,nj area breakfast restaurants

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i got some really great sounding reataurants for this area, however; i forgot breakfast. i can't stand hotel food. thanks again

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  1. Hmmmm, for breakfast, I guess I would suggest the following diners: 1) Lyndhurst Diner on River Rd; 2) The Colonial Diner (I've neve eaten there, but, friends have and they like it alot) on Orient Way - both are in Lyndhurst. 3)Go up Rt 3 West about 3 minutes and there is an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) or go another 2 minutes and there's the Tick Tock Diner (if your from the area you may remember it) and it's still very good - that's the one I would go to.

    If you have time one morning and want the Best - then I would take Rt 3 West to Rt 46 West to Passaic Avenue (about 10 minutes without traffic). Take Passaic Avenue going South for about 7 minutes to Bloomfield Avenue and turn right onto Bloomfield and go 100 feet and pull into The Original Pancake House, 817 Bloomfield Ave. in West Caldwell for the best breakfast out that you ever had. I highly recommend the Baked Apple Pancake. Picture a 2+ inch high 7 inch across (as it comes out of the oven) piping hot (watch out) covered with Apple slices and cinnamon & brown sugar sauce. Of course, they have numerous regular pancakes and great omelettes and great coffee. For a treat, I'd highly recommend it. If you go on a weekend there will most likely be a wait, but, no matter how many people are waiting it's usually a 15-20 minute wait. So go and enjoy!!

    Any other questions, just post and if you come and try any of these post and let me know how it went.

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      alberta finnegan

      dear Nizza, thanks,again. alberta

    2. Forgot one.....good for breakfast (lunch or dinner)!
      Calico Kitchen, in Totowa at 235 Rt 46, on the westbound side in the "Abill Plaza", about 5 minutes past the Tick-Tock Diner. 973-256-3309. Excellent breakfasts. (Rt 3 west merges onto Rt 46 west)

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        For the best pancakes, try Tops Diner on Passaic Road/River Road (?) at the Kearny/Harrison border.
        Portions are big and the prices are very reasonable.