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Nov 26, 2001 08:41 PM

Princeton has a good Restaurant!

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Princeton, as anyone who has been unfortunate enough to live there will know, is culinarily cursed. Well Conte's has always had decent pizza. In fact per capita Princeton has better pizza than NYC, though no good Chinese or japanese restuarants. But the new Indian place on Nassau is hands down best place I have eaten in town. Been 2x in last 2 months (I live in CT, so consider the trip a pilgrimage) and both times had remarkably good meals, though failed to take notes, sorry. In fact, better than NYC's best. Try lots of wierd appetizers and the stranger main courses. Its where Zanibars used to be right next to the bad Thai resturant run by Chinese, and across the street from the nightmare food dispensor that passes itself as a restuarant called Orchid Pavillion. Go, eat, keep this place in business. The curse has been temporarily lifted.

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  1. Can yu plese provide the name of the Indian restaurant tha tyou love in Princeton?

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      Its called Mehek! really cheap lunch buffets on saturdays, too

    2. According to the original poster's description of the location, the restaurant he's talking about would be Kalluri Corner, not Mehek.

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        No, that's a different place a few doors down. Kalluri Corner is really awful - don't bother. Right down there with the revolting Thai place.

        Mehek is indeed decent. However, if you can drive a little ways then a better place is the Palace of Asia, just off of Quakerbridge Road (southbound) off of Route 1. I also like the Masala Grill over on Chambers Street, though it is a bit quirky and not for everyone.

      2. I guess I'm missing something, then. Their naan is awful, doughy and greasy. The chaat is OK, but not a patch on places up Rt. 1 or 27. The lunch buffet is tasty and a good deal, especially with the student discount. I find their best food to be just the plain old tandoori chicken. So...what am I missing? Please do tell me!

        1. There's a great sushi and Korean restaurant at Nassau Bagel and Sushi restaurant. It's hidden behind the bagel shop believe it or not.

          There are a few decent Korean places in the Princeton area.

          Wang Ga: Our favorite Korean restaurant in the area. On Route 27 in Highland Park, about 30 minutes north of Princeton. All meals come with tasty side dishes.
          Recommended dishes: any tofu pot stew (make sure you get it extra spicy), green-bean pancake, seafood pancake, BBQ ribs, Bulgogi

          Honorable mention also goes to Seoul House on Route 27 in Somerset, about 20 minutes north of Princeton. Here you'll find great tofu pots and other fish stews, BBQ ribs, bulgogi, and good side dishes. Also just opened is the strangely named Nassau Sushi and Bagel on Nassau Street in Princeton, across from CVS. In addition to good sushi platters, this new place also has good tofu pots. Make sure to ask for the raw egg, because they don't volunteer it. Soonja's on Alexander Road in Princeton also has a decent bi-bim-bop and tofu pots.

          1. That Thai restaurant is, indeed, bad!

            Last night, my SO & I attempted to eat at the Blue Point Grill, because it had been highly recommended. However, at 6:00 p.m., we were told that it would be "at least an hour" for a table (Blue Point doesn't take reservations). We were both very hungry, so we decided to see what else was close to our original destination. We quickly ruled out Ivy Garden (is this the place referred to as Orchid Pavilion by the OP?), and settled reluctantly on Thai Village.

            As was alluded to, Thai Village is most definitely not authenic Thai, and is not even good imitation Thai. Although the Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup was okay, it lacked any spicyness, and the Chicken Satay also lacked any significant flavor impact. My SO ordered his usual Pla Lad Prik, so he thought that he would get something recognizeable. However, he wound up with what he described as Fish Teriyaki--e.g. overly sweet, and not at all spicy.

            My entree, sauteed scallops, shrimp & calmari over rice noodles, was pretty much devoid of flavor and was swimming in about 3 times more liquid than could be considered necessary. Whether my gastric churning for the next 12 hours or so is attributable to that food is an unknown, but I suspect that something was a bit "off".

            Thai Village is a must to avoid!