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Nov 2, 2001 10:13 PM

Northern Virginia-looking for really good pizza.

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I'm a displaced New Yorker and really haven't found any decent pizza down here.Any suggestions? Also, in a posting last month someone made reference to a pizza house called Lucerno's in Oakton and Tysons Corner. I haven't been able to find this place. Does anyone know where it is/ Thanks

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  1. Hey Jim,
    I am not too sure where "down here" is. Tyson's Corner sounds like the Baltimore area, but I dunno...can you give some better clues as to where you are?

    1. Luciano's in Oakton. Better: Mama Lucia's in the Fair City Mall in Fairfax. Also better: Dolce Vita in Fairfax. But nothing will be as good as what you're used to, sorry!

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        Try Malek's Pizza Palace and/or Delia's Family Restaurant & Pizzeria - both have great pizza and subs! They are both located in Springfield, VA.

      2. I'm a NY'er too (making me a de facto expert on the slice!), and the best pizza I've found in the greater DC area in the past 16 years here can be found at (1) Pizza Paradiso in Dupont Circle - more gourmet-type pizzas with an excellent crust (2) Il Pranzo on 18th Street near M, in downtown DC - go for the spinach and mushroom slice - and (3) the Italian Store on Spout Run in Arlington - call ahead to order your takeout or you could be there for over 30 minutes waiting.

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        1. re: Nancy

          Nancy, this gentleman is a displaced New Yorker, not a displaced San Franciscan. What he wants is tasty, greasy pizza that has a natural "flop" to it, not some under-sauced creation of an enterprising restauranteur.

          1. re: Jeffrey

            There are numerous threads on this topic from about five, six and eight months ago. The best New York style pizza in the entire D. C. area is Sylvano's in Herndon which will be the equal of an average NY pie and 80% of a really good one. For New York style pie it IS the best of any mentioned in this thread.

        2. Jim, I have found the two BEST places in the Washington DC metropolitan area: Luciano's in Oakton, Virginia [and other locations] and PizzaMart in Adam's Morgan. Luciano's plain cheese pie has a great balance of sauce/cheese and has wonderful flavor. PizzaMart has enormous floppy slices of pizza that are hot, fresh, and also delicious.

          1. Go to Faccia Luna in (Clarendon) Arlington, Virginia on Wilson Blvd.
            It's awsome!