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Sep 26, 2001 02:38 PM

Korean food in Fort Lee, NJ

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I actually live in Manhattan, but only a short walk from the GW Bridge. My girlfriend loves to walk across to Fort Lee, and we've been meaning to try some of the many Korean places over there. Good way to work up an appetite.

I'm vegetarian, and love spicy food. A friend once took us to a Korean eatery over there, which I'm sure was great (he's something of an afficianado), but there was almost nothing vegetarian on their menu. Bearing in mind our pedestrian status (can't be too far from the bridge), anybody have any recommendations?

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  1. There is a place off of main st just beyond parker ave called soft's a korean restaurant that serves the best tofu casserole i've ever had. you can get it as spicy as you like. the menu consists of a few flavors you can get this soup in including my favorite which is mushroom. They bring an assortment of pickeled vegetables to your table including kimchee, bean sprouts and sliced cucumber. This is also served with's quite a treat. Sorry i don't know the real name of the restaurant b/c it's written in korean :)

    1. This is the place that i like... haven't been there in awhile, but i'm often the only caucasian person there. I THINK it's walkable from the GWB:

      Yea JEON Restaurant
      1616 Palisade Avenue
      Fort Lee, NJ 07024
      +address Book 201-944-0505

      The place is virtually built on stilts too, which is kind of cool. Also, i'm not vegetarian, but i'd bet that they have a fairly wide selection, i'd call them before you go (and good luck, b/c there WILL be somewhat of a language barrier).

      1. I too live right across from the bridge and walked to Fort Lee for Korean food one adventurous night! I loved the idea! Please let me know if you found a great place to eat because I'm vegetarian too. I only ate at one place the name of which escapes me. It was on the second floor. I am taking some non-Koreans there soon for dinner and am not sure what's good around there. I am Korean-American but not very savvy around Fort Lee. Please forward any opinions you may have!!