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Jan 31, 2002 11:43 PM

Chowhound gathering in Milpitas (near Fremont)

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I like to know how many people are interested for chowhound lunch/dinner at Fu Lam Moon restaurant in Milpitas. This place has good dim sums(lunch only) and seafood dishes. The Peking duck and seafood are great and I think they are still on sale.

I like to suggest the following place:

Place: Fu Lam Moon restaurant
Inside Lion Plaza, near the intersection of
Dixon Landing and N. Milpitas Ave. in Milpitas
Address: 1678 N Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone (408) 942-1888
Date: Thursday, February 7

Actually, next door are couple potential places also. Shanghai Garden and Tam. Shanghai Garden has home style cooked dishes that I think are great. Tam has Thai and Vietnamese dishes that are very good in my opinion.

Let me know who are interested. I like to limit this to 6-8 people max.per table for obvious logistics reason. But if we have more, just need to get more tables I guess.

Pls e-mail me if you are interested and then I can make confirmation.

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  1. Forgot to put the time. I am thinking 12 noon for lunch would be good. I know it's crowded but I will reserve ahead of time and also come in earlier to make sure.

    Lunch at 12 noon is my preference.

    If you cannot make lunch let me know, maybe I can change the time or change it to dinner instead.

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      Any futher detail on this get together. I would like to plan to attend.