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Jul 17, 2001 02:55 PM

Ocean City, MD -- Recommendations?

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40-something couple spending a few days in Ocean City, MD at the end of July.

Looking for recommendations for diners (especially for breakfast), also Japanese, Thai, Mexican, seafood.

Not too $$$ & not too pretentious (no dress-up places).

Would appreciate whatever help anyone could provide. Thanks!


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  1. This is probably a long shot, but if there are any tasty veggie-type places in OC, MD, we'd like to hear about those, too. Thanks again.


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      Grove Market, just outside OC on St. Martin's Neck Rd. but well worth the few minutes' drive. Looks like a shack from the outside, great food/casual atmosphere on the inside. Favored by locals. Menu changes daily--typical entree offerings are two or three unique fish dishes and two shellfish, along with lamb and/or prime rib. I've eaten there many times (my mother lives in the area) and never ever had a bad meal. Entrees range from $16 to $25, approximately. Beer and wine available, no hard liquor...and CASH ONLY. It is a very small place and reservations should be made well in advance, sometimes as much as 10 days in the summer season. The number is (410) 352-5055.

    2. I would forget about japanese, thai, or mexican unless you're willing to drive up to rehoboth.

      some good place based on going to O.C. 3 times a year for 24 yrs (although not the last two).

      breakfast... bayside skillet, I think this is on 56th, and has excellent fresh fruit crepes and smoothies (it's better than it sounds, or looks, trust me).

      Generals Kitchen is famous for their cream chip beef. There's usually a long line there and I usually opt for eggs, which are fresher and better than the beef (though it's still probably worth trying once).

      My aunt works at the Laytons donut shop on 93rd. go there for donuts.

      I never spent much money on food in O.C., because it's a good place for inexpensive deliciousiosity. a few more good cheap places are

      I think the last remaining Pollock Johnny's, renamed PJ's (again, I haven't been in baltimore for awhile so this could be wrong) is on the boardwalk, as is the only place I hit everytime I'm at the beach.

      Dayton's Bros. the best maryland fried chicken I've found. Go across the street to Thrasher's for some french fries (you have to ask for them brown to make sure they're fresh enough) and finish it (yeah, right) with a concrete shake, preferably the cookies and cream one, which has a slight animal cracker lemon taste to it.

      I'm going in two weeks.


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        don't forget bull on the beach or the alaska stand!

      2. Tequila Mockingbird has great Mexican food in OC. We've eaten there once or twice a year for the last 3 or 4 years.