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Jan 31, 2002 09:19 PM

Chela's Taqueria- oh yeah!

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Oh my word, we had some amazing food at Chela's Taqueria in Redwood City today. On a friends enthusiastic recc. we ordered the Goat Soup along with Lengua, Al Pastor, Chicken, and Carne Asada tacos. To begin with, the soup was outstanding and came with 6 homemade tortillas that were the best I've had. Each order comes with this large garnish tray of three salsas (verde, seemingly some salsa arbol, and what appeared to be a mole of sorts), diced onion, cilantro and lime. The tacos were simple but great. The asada was a bit dry, but the lengua was moist and tender and the pastor was richly spiced. When combined with the garnish, they came to life. The soup stole the show though. I was scooping up tender bits of meat from it and making tacos with the tortillas (I asked for 12 more togo and she made them to order). All in all, this place is amazing. It's about 3 blocks south of broadway on El Camino. Check it out.

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    Melanie Wong

    That sounds fantastic! I knew there had to be this kind of eats in Redwood City. Guess it does pay off to whine once in a while. (g) Can't wait to try it.

    1. was in redwood city today, so i took your suggestion - it was interesting for sure, the meat was tender, but there was lots of fat floating and attached to the meat (more than my western palate could appreciate), and the soup was so thin as to run off the tortillas too easily. the salsas were interesting, and the onion and cilantro added a nice touch. can't say that i loved it, but it was something different. and not cheap - $9? seems a bit high for this type of place.

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        Melanie Wong

        Your comments on the fat and the thinness of the soup reinforce the impression of authenticity. Price does seem high to me too, but goat isn't cheap anywhere.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          yeah, no doubts on authenticity - just not my cup of tea (er, soup)