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Jun 21, 2001 08:40 AM

cultured butter

  • j

Obviously it's the flavor that comes from the culture that gives it that putrid off-taste. It's all very well to call commercial butter bland-tasting, but the flavor 0f the egg farm product and most especially the Occelli brand is what you get when you let nature have her way.It's bears no resemblance to a finely crafted cheese because the "craftsman" doesn't know when to step in.

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  1. Jerry,
    I don't doubt you find cultured butter offensive - you've said as much. But I must object to your putting craftsmen in if they weren't and the consistant (not identical, mind you) product that many, many people love is just an accident of nature EVERY TIME! A craftsman certainly does know when to step in.

    "Putrid" shows your bias (just like me using excellent and best and so on), but I don't think you're respecting those people that might disagree with you.

    It's a taste that won't appeal to everyone. Much like aged country ham, scotch, certain cheeses and many, many other foods that do indeed necessitate the handiwork of a craftsman.

    I hopoe you can leave room for other tastes in the butter world.

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      artisanal products like these also do not have the shelf life of industrial products. It has been my experience that a lot of the fine butters wind up sitting on the shelf in the stores a long time before they are purchased. They can get stale, collect off flavors or even become rancid overthis time. As with cheeses, olive oils, etc. retailers need to be more conscious of product deterioration and pull old or past date stuff from their shelves. Otherwise, both the buyers and the producers of these products are poorly served.

      1. re: Chris

        When you say a "taste that won't appeal to everyone" and wax ecstatic about it melting in your mouth, you're giving us a very clear picture of who makes up the readership of Corby Kummer's ineptly opinionated writings and Zingerman's pretentiously written catalogs.

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          You seem very angry at butter. Is this really an appropriate use of your energies?

          1. re: C3H6O3

            C3po put it all in perspective. Good work and God bless!

          2. re: jerry

            Goodness. What do you like, may I ask?