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Jun 20, 2001 01:23 PM

cultured butter

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Anyone thinking of going through what seems like an arduous task, should sample what's available in the market . I've tasted both Egg Farm and Occelli's and in both instances was baffled by what so many food writers were so ecstatic about. To me, the peculiarly furry texture and the funky off-tastes that kept afflicting my palate, made this an experience I'd hardly want to recapture by trying to follow Mr. White's neverending procedure.

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  1. Hi!
    At the get-go, I have to admit I'm biased...the Egg Farm Dairy's butter is (I still have 2 lbs.!) my favorite ever. From the first slice both me and my wife fell IN LOVE with it. We even ate it plain and let it melt in our mouth for a time.

    I think what you might find disagreeable is the cultured part of cultured butter. It IS slightly fermented, afterall.

    I may be wrong in this, of course. You may not like it for different reasons.

    For a discussion of butter in general, I've posted an article from the Atlantic from 1998.

    Hope this helps,