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Apr 24, 2001 08:57 AM

Bachelor/ette party for 40 in Princeton??

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I am the best man for a wedding in Princeton this summer, and need to find a venue for a combined bachelor/bachelorette party for 40+ people. Relaxed atmosphere and fine drinks are important. This party doesn't include dinner, but excellent appetizers (more creative than potato skins and Irish nachos, please) are also important. I lived in Princeton from '93-'97, and realize the paucity of middle-of-the-road joints; they tend to either be WAY too pricey (especially for what one gets), or junky. Winberies comes to mind as a possibility, but I feel I can do better than that. Keep in mind that guests will be contributing towards the total cost of the event (minus the wedding couple, of course). I'm not allergic to the idea of renting a bus and venturing outside the town.

On the other hand, renting a space and having it catered is another idea. Suggestions?

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  1. Being in tune with your assesment of establishments in Princeton (and the fact that there aren't many places that will fit 40!) I would say you have two options:
    Triumph Brewery (which has grandiose versions of old faves ie chorizo quesadillas, nachos, bar food etc.)

    Rent a bus and go to New Brunswick-there are a few places that will fit a bunch of people and have bands etc. I am not terribly familiar with great restaurants down there but I think Harvest Moon Brewpub maybe would work

    OH! Main St. Bistro in the Princeton Shopping Center (McCaffery's) has a private room downstairs that would be ok for you, and their food is pretty good....

    Good luck!

    1. Main Street Bistro was the first thing that came to my mind as well. It's in the Princeton Shopping Center, which is on (I think) Hamilton Street. It houses Bon Appetit, McCaffrey's Supermarket, and several other stores.

      Also keep in mind that there are several new places in town since 1997. Mediterra (near Palmer Square, at the "not near Nassau street" end) might be a choice - pricey, but they should do good appetizers as they often do tapas. Triumph Brewing Company (located where Marita's used to be, on Nassau) is also good. There's a new place called Panini's on Nassau that I haven't been to, but it looks good.

      On Route 1, you might consider Big Fish at Princeton Marketfair, or one of the nicer hotels (Hyatt at Route 1 and Alexander, or the fancy place up Route 1 North whose name I can't remember).

      Don't forget to send the notes into PAW. :)