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Apr 5, 2001 06:38 PM

Easter Brunch

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In years past, we have gone to The Inn at Lake Mohonk, NY for Easter brunch. My grandson, aged 12 will be with us this year and I am trying to find a very nice restaurant for an Easter brunch. We are in Bergen County, New Jersey and anything within a 50 mile radius is suitable--if it's good.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ezra G.

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  1. I would suggest that you try to contact Perona Farms Restaurant in Sparta, NJ. I know they have excellent Sunday brunches on a regular basis. Sparta is in the north western part of NJ. I don't know the distance from your town but I believe it's worth a try.

    Happy Easter

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      Esra Gastroni

      Folks, I am looking for a good restaurant which serves EASTER BUFFETS, not brunch. My previous post was incorrect. Any place within a 50 mile radius of northern N. J. would be appreciated.


      E. Gastroni

      1. For the last several years we have gone to the Friar Tuck Inn on Pompton Avenue in Cedar Grove (about 10 minutes south of the Willowbrook Mall - just to give you a idea of where it is). They always have a fabulous Easter Buffet including great cold and hot dishes along with Carving Station with Ham, Roast Pork, Turkey and Roast Beef. Don't forget the great dessert table either. I think the price is around $28.95 including tip and tax. It is a very lovely place and they do it right every time! I would highly recommend it.

        This year we are trying The Cotillion on Midland Avenue in Garfield ( not far from Rt 46). The last time we were there was many years ago and it was very enjoyable. Their price is $24.95 plus tip and tax. We thought after going to the Friar Tuck Inn for the last 5 years that we would try the Cotillion again.

        I hope that this helps you out in some way as reservations would be needed at either place. Happy Easter!!!!!