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Mar 3, 2001 03:42 PM

Saddle River Inn, Saddle River, NJ

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On my first and only visit to the well reknowned Saddle River Inn I ordered an appetizer, soup and salad, no main course (I can't eat a large meal). It is important to know that those three dishes came to $29. I was told by the waiter that there is a minimum entree order of $25 and if I didn't order an entree then I would be charge $25 for the salad! I asked to see the manager and she assured me that this time it would be fine to leave my order as is and not charge me for the entree which I did not order/want but that it is written on the menu (which I didn't see) so next time they would have to charge me for it.
Why not say there is a minimum charge per person? I feel this is not fair to those of us who don't want to eat a heavy, large meal yet still want to go out to upscale restaurants.

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  1. What is the big deal about this restaurant -- I had difficulty getting reservations, it has very high ratings in Zagats, but I thought it was very overrated -- we were told to order the Chateau for 2. It was good, but I was expecting the entire experience to be phenomenal.