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Mar 1, 2001 04:44 PM

Ponzios Diner,Cherry Hill,New Jersey

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Ponzios Diner is a gem! I love going there for lunch or supper. I have cousins/relatives in the area,and for this Toronto fan,going to Ponzios is such a treat. Everything on the menu is terrific. Veal chops,Tuna,whitefish salads,pastas,esp the desserts-and the coffee is really special!! The service is so warm and easy-going. Another wonderful place:"The Pub". Prime Rib and super steaks!! And the salad bar-now that is glorious!! Ah,but the bread-there is a treat! The coffee is so rich and sublime. Olga's diner also is worthwhile. Ah,but BRING BACK "GREEN VALLEY"!!!! Those Milkshakes!! (Ask my cousin Dan Weiner)

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  1. Marc, I was trolling the Canada board for an upcoming trip to Toronto and you happened to mention a fav South Jersery place called "Ponzio's". In-laws live in Haddonfield, so I've been there many times.

    I'm looking for some suggestions on other places to check out...I can only wash my car so many times. Here are a few thoughts on places I've been...

    King of Pizza - touted at the "best" pizza by my wife. it's not bad, but eat it while it's hot. This is one pizza that doesn't taste better coming out the the frig.

    Big John's - gotta love the "pickle bar"! Cheesesteaks OK

    Steak 98 - Great place for MEAT located in a Ramada. Yes, that's correct. Has an old padded bar with tube lighting. Thought I was in an old night club.