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Turkish in NJ

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  • David Corcoran Jan 23, 2001 11:26 AM
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Aside from the rev. Kervan, what are the best Turkish restaurants in our state? And do any of them depart from the basic Turkish-in-America formula: doner and other grilled meats, kebab and with yogurt, plus baba ghanouj and other savory appetizers?

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  1. m
    Maryanne Hedrick

    Beyti Kabab in Union City is very good, but wish they went beyond kababs. The fresh appetizers are great
    - the eggplant dishes especially. The place itself is entertaining as well as a good dose of authentic - once I walked in the front door right behind a butcher carrying a lamb's head. And if you ever want to be led around by a waiter with good intentions who speaks an unfamiliar language, try this place, the hospitality is appreciated.

    1. j
      Joe Moryl (NY/NJ)

      There is a relatively new place in Montclair that has a French/Turkish menu. I can't recall the name, but it is on Bloomfield in the block that has the Wellmont cinema at one end. In a related vein, we had a very decent meal at Baladi, which is an Egyptian place on Bloomfield near Church. The appetizer assortment (mezze-like) was excellent and the main courses were o.k. - maybe a bit over elaborated. BYOB, too.

      Joe Moryl

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      1. re: Joe Moryl (NY/NJ)
        David Corcoran

        The place in Montclair is called Liberte. I haven't been there. Will try Beyti Kebab, and thanks. David

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          David Corcoran

          The place in Montclair is called Liberte. I haven't been there. Will try Beyti Kebab, and thanks. David

        2. Alaturka at 848 or 858 Main Street in Paterson is very good and very reasonable. All of the appetizers are excellent.

          1. There's a relatively new place in Highland Park called
            Seven Hills of Istanbul. I've not been there yet but have heard it's pretty good. I lived in Germany for several years, however, and had some really good, authentic Turkish chow there - so I'm not sure how this place will compare.

            Has anyone tried it?

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            1. re: Nicole
              Charles Gaffen

              been there a few times. I know nothing about Turkish food, but this place is great no matter where you come from!!

            2. don't know where you're coming from but if you're anywhere near Cherry Hill, Rt 70, check out Norma's..it's on eastbound side, in a small shopping center (Barclay's ?)...just west of I-295/Rt 70 exit...

              excellent Middle Eastern/Turkish food...mango juice with yogurt type fare...try it, you won't be disappointed...

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              1. re: virg

                Actually, Norma's on Rte 70 in Cherry Hill is Lebanese. There is an Authentic Turkish restaurant in Voorhees in a little shopping center just off Kresson Road near Main Street that's worth visiting if you like Turkish cuisine.