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Jan 16, 2001 06:48 PM

Experienced any snippiness with Frog & Peach staff?

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Has anyone? I've experienced it twice now on the phone, and it's really making me second guess myself about even going there. Any opinions? Is it worth going anyway?Mille grazie!

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  1. Go with your instincts. My experience dates back to several years ago, with a different chef, but I must say I left there angrier than I have ever felt at any other restaurant, ever, period. The staff was very insistant that we keep our table for only 1 1/2 hour, and reminded us several times -- "you have to leave in 30 minutes," "I don't think you have time for coffee." The food was terrible. I had a monkfish dish on a "plaintain pancake" that was a platter sized piece of unchewable starch and it was frozen in the middle. For that, and everything else, we paid $100 per person. Go instead to Stage Left.

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      Thanks for the heads up, Pat!I think I'll be going elsewhere.Have you been to the Harvest Moon Inn in Ringoes by any slim chance??Mille grazie!

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        Helena Robinson

        OK, I'll try to tackle both concerns at once here. :-)

        We've gone to the Frog & Peach at least once a year for many years; and have almost always enjoyed ourselves. And yes, the service CAN be variable, depending on how busy they are.

        We went there for Valentine's Day last year and left rather upset with the service, though the food was good. Why? Our server kept ignoring us. :-( The worst was early in the evening when he left us in the middle of taking our order to tend to something brought up at a nearby table - as if they couldn't wait an extra minute or so. (I DON'T think theater tickets were a concern, in that the couple needed to leave in a hurry.)

        On the other hand, we had dinner there just this past Xmas Eve - and had a WONDERFUL time! :-) Food was great, service was attentive - and the place was NOT empty, either. (We surmised that F&P may have gained customers, like us, from other restaurants that were closed on Sunday.)

        Advice: Consider trying again - but think about asking for a reservation AFTER 8 if the theaters (George St. Playhouse and State Theater) have performances. Similar advice goes for the other such restaurants in New Brunswick; particularly Soho on George and Northstar Cafe (NOT recommended if you have theater/show plans, btw). Stage Left will give you similar advice if the theaters are busy.

        As for Harvest Moon... This place is worth a try, though we haven't been there in several months. Food is good; but again, service can be variable, depending on how busy the place is. Note that there are two rooms: a formal-type dining room and a pub-type section by the bar.

        Hope this helps - good luck!
        Helena Robinson
        Hillsborough, NJ

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          Thanks for all the info, Helena!I hear what you're saying re: the Frog & Peach loud and clear. I was also happy to have input on the Harvest Moon. I'll post after we go to whichever, so we can all be updated.What IS it with restaurants in NJ? It's not that hard to get it right, is it?????

          1. re: Melisande

            Different restaurant but similar experience (re/being rushed) - read my recent post about Mexicali Rose in Montclair - the archetype of being rushed! I have frequented restaurants in the Rutherford area where I live and also the great Portuguese restaurants in Newark's Ironbound district. Never had these problems there.