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Jan 12, 2001 11:27 AM

New Ethiopian Restaurant in Rochester

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Ethiopian (and one Eritrean) restaurants have come and gone in Rochester probably because it's a pretty conservative town. However, the newly opened "Abyssinian" is a must. The injera (wonderfully sour and spongy bread) is a marvelous accompaniment for the chicken with berbere sauce and the various eclectc appetizers such as chick pea and greens. The service is friendly and the atmosphere extremely pleasant. I really want this place to make it because it's such a treasure. Usually, ethnic in Rochester is synonomous with Chinese, Thai, and Indian. So, it's a treat to have another type of ethnic food in town.

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  1. Could you post the address? Sounds like the kind of place I'd like to visit next time I'm in Rochester.

    Joe Moryl

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      Constance English

      Rochester Ethiopian Restaurant (Abyssinian) is at 80 University near Main. It's open from 12-9 every day. Enjoy!

    2. Agree--it's nice to have an Ethiopian restaurant in town again.

      If only the mobs that pack the Little Theater on the weekends would also patronize the nearby Abyssinian. Surely, if anyone in Rochester were interested in Ethiopian food, this crowd would be.

      As for Asmara on Alexander, the current owners did not speak kindly of it on their Web site; they say it turned into an illegal dance club!

      I miss the two Ethiopian restaurants on St. Paul.