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Jan 1, 2001 05:06 PM

A New Years Nightmare at Ray's Colts Neck

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I had hoped to post a review of the food at Ray's located in Colts Neck, NJ last night. My husband and I along with three other couples had 9:30 dinner reservations there for New Year's Eve.
We arrived at 9:10 and checked in with the hostess who told us we were a little early. So we squeezed into the tiny waiting area along with about 12 other people waiting for tables. By 9:20, our party was all there and waiting.
To make a long story short, 9:45 rolls around, then 10:00 and still no table. In fact, there was not even any communication from the hostess or the manager. We asked about our table and were told that the current guests were still lingering on their food and that there was nothing they could do. No apologies, no offers of a drink or a bit of food, in fact, we would not even have gotten an update about our table if we hadn't asked.
After another 15 minutes without any word from them, we decided that we were not going to get dinner before midnight and left the restaurant.
All in all it was a most unprofessional display from the hostess and manager of Ray's, and we will never even consider going back there.

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  1. So, how did you salvage the evening? pat

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      Fortunately one of our group is a amatuer chef ( although he will be on Calling All Cooks on the Food Network on March 26th ) and he had made a big italian sauce with meatballs and sausage earlier in the day. We all imposed on them and ended up having a delicious meal. He even made us some lovely warm and fudgey brownies for dessert. We all finished eating just in time to watch the ball drop :o)

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      walter plath

      my wife and i were at ray's last month and we both thought the food had gone downhill. the fish special was bland and ordinary, though cooked well and even the usually good crabcakes were limp and not as flavorfull as we had remembered. we live nearby and go regularly. i'll post again after our next visit.

      1. I too have noticed a sharp decline in the quality of the food at Ray's over the past year. Back in 1999, when the food was good, the lack of a decent waiting room or better yet, a bar, was tolerable. Lately though, it doesn't seem worth it at all.
        We haven't been back for months and reading the posts here, I'm not sure if we're going back again.

        David Ross