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Dec 21, 2000 05:50 PM

rest stop query

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I'm doing that culinary nightmare of a drive between nyc and dc. Any ideas for nearby/quick/cheap stops along the way? I'm hoping for an alternative to Big Boys/Roys/TCBY; Cracker Barrel is only worth a stop for their mint iced tea and books on tape.

I'm going to be driving during the day, and will eat any type of food.

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  1. Hi, Becky

    Our rules prohibit the posting of the SAME message to multiple boards (i.e. spam), so we've deleted your identical queries on other boards.

    We don't mind if someone, taking a long trip spanning several regions, posts messages on the appropriate boards asking what's good specifically in THAT area (rather than for the whole trip, which would result in inefficient parallel discussion). But your trip falls entirely in the MidAtlantic region, so this is the right board for it. Also, notice that I've changed the name of the thread in my response to one that provides a lot more info (and thus is likely to attract more response and be a lot clearer for others seeking similar info).

    This NYC to DC subject has been dealt with here before, but darned if I can remember when/where. Anyone remember the board and thread title? Perchance a URL?

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Thanks. Found it. The previous thread on this topic can be found at "Stops between ny and dc" on this board.

      1. re: becky

        Where and how can I find and read that thread as I will be taking the same trip soon and would appreciate the information. TIA

        1. re: Nizza

          scroll down through this board. It starts with a message on 10/18/99 by jen kalb, though there are bits and pieces throughout the board. good luck.

          1. re: becky

            I even found more info on the Washington Board.

    2. Try Angelina's, North of Baltimore off 695W/ Harter Rd exit for the best crab cakes. A neighborhood, family Italian that has won several "best of Baltimore crab cakes" awards. It's open for lunch & dinner & is only a 10 min detour off I95. I always try & stop there on my road trips. I think their website is

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      1. re: zeman

        Angelina's is on Harford Rd.