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Oct 16, 2000 10:58 AM

Newark, Delaware restaurants

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to eat in Newark, Delaware or the immediate vicinity?
Interested in anything from cheap eats to gourmet dining. More interested in good food than "ambiance." My enjoyment of a meal is usually inversely proportional to the price, but I don't mind spending more for an exceptional meal.
Thanks, Neely

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    Rachel Perlow

    Disclaimer: Although I went to college at U of D, I haven't been to the area for the past several years, so my selections may be slightly out of date. However, these places are the institutions, so please let me know if they've gone downhill.

    Deer Park Tavern, 108 W Main St, (302) 731-5315: great hamburgers (loved the mexican burger) and nachos, but Sunday Brunch was the ultimate. Huevos Rancheros in a taco salad shell with pitchers of Bloody Marys & Screwdrivers.

    Klondike Kate's 158 E Main St, (302) 737-6100: Pleasant place for lunch or dinner, great drinks, but not just a bar (I think all the places I can think of emphasize the bar - college years!)

    Trap Seafood Restaurant 57 Elkton Rd, (302) 366-8447: I remember this place being called The Crab Trap, so I don't know if it changed owners or anything. Good place to go when your parents were in town.

    Star Of India Restaurant 174 Elkton Rd,(302)738-2919: There used to be this decent Mexican restaurant owned by an Indian family, which had an Indian section on its Mexican menu (kind of like the Greek section on a diner's menu when the diner was owned by Greeks). Anyway, on yahoo yellow pages there's now a restaurant called Star of India in that location, so maybe its owned by the same family and they've given up on the mexican (they must have bought the mexican and tried to keep running it as one, then decided to go with their native cuisine). So, I haven't eaten at Star of India, but if its owned by the same family the food is probably good.

    Also, check out the Stone Balloon (Main St) to see what bands are playing.

    I just realized I've assumed you are in the area to see the University, but that may not be the case. If it is, however, these places are good to check out, cause that's where the college kids are (or used to be). Have fun!

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    1. re: Rachel Perlow

      Yes, I recognize that I am coming to this post a few years too late, but I figure for the sake of anyone who might currently be in the same position as the original poster I will share my thoughts on the matter.

      First, in reply to Rachel, the Crab Trap actually just closed some months back, and the building was destroyed not too long after. Star of India is correct for the other restaurant, although they are moving according to a sign in their window. Deer Park and Kate's are still pretty popular places, although I've never been to either for food.

      As for places I -have- been, I first recommend Cucina di Napoli on Main Street. When I found out I was going there the first (and sadly only) time I've been, I went online to see if they had a menu, and while I didn't find one, I found a post about the restaurant on, you guessed it, Chowhound. I don't have the link to that post, but the person recommended the chicken lasagna, and let me tell you, I rave about it to this day. They give you this HUGE portion of lasagna that is totally cheesy and filled with tasty white meat chicken. If memory serves, they use what appeared to be a blush tasty. The whole dish was wonderful. I had bruschetta to start with, which was also phenominal, so I had leftover lasagna to take home...perfect!

      Another place of a totally different ilk is Saigon Vietnamese restaurant. It's in what I believe is called the Main Street Shopping Center. I had never had Vietnamese food before, but the chicken dish I had was very tasty, and the noodles were these delicious light-as-air angel-hair-like noodles that were great. The ambiance was also very nice. My fiance and I went there for our 4-year anniversary thinking we would order there and take it back to our apartment, but when we got there we decided to stay because of how nice it was.

      Lastly, I'll throw into the mix Ali Baba on Main Street. I -believe- it's either Middle Eastern, Morroccan, or both. There were also spanicopita and tzatziki on the menu, so it's got a good mix of stuff. You sit around round tables, some people along the wall and some people on little stools, so if you have back issues, I suggest being one of the people along the wall. I sat at a stool, and for the first time my feet hit the floor (I'm very short), so I had no problem with that. Many of the dishes, like the one I ordered, came with what I believe they call a green and orange salad. This "salad" is actually cucumbers and carrots dressed in a slightly tangy oil-based dill dressing of sorts, but whatever it was, it was delicious! The veggies were very fresh, and the dressing suited them perfectly. Again, I had a chicken dish (I love chicken, what can I say) that when it came out I knew I would not finish due to the sheer size of it. I forget if it had anything else on the plate aside from extra of the delicious lemon sauce, but it really didn't need it after the veggies. My fiance's dish came with rice, which he did not finish, so when I took home the extra chicken, I just put his rice with it, and the rice went just fine and reheated pretty well.

      Just thought I'd give some recent contributions to a thread that needed updating.

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        The Crab Trap is no more.? Darn! I just discovered that resto in August when dropping daughter off at U. Del. It was wonderful!!!

    2. for cheap eats in upper delaware - try the Hop on Kirkwood Hwy & Limestone road. The meats for the restaurant come from Bachetti Bros (good quality stuff) They make custom made soda's, great coffee, and a real "blue plate special" , it's really served on a blue plate! Two people can fill their belly's for $20!

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      1. re: elaine

        Elaine, is the Hop still open? I could not find a phone number for them and I thought I knew the shopping center where it was, in a little strip but don't see it now? Do you know anything about it?

        1. re: kmcdonne

          The Hop has been gone many years! I think it's a mexican grocery store now, right across from Crossroads diner on Limestone road.

      2. Cafe Gelato is exceptional with their homemade gelato and any of the specials of the day. On Tues.,the bottles of wine are 1/2 price. Great place and fairly reasonable at approximately $50 per couple with wine.

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        1. re: Kathy

          Agree with Kathy. Cafe Gelato is non chain, chef owned and wonderful.

        2. I went to UD for grad school and everyone's replies are bringing back memories (good ones!) I would recommend Cafe Gelato--had many a good meal and good gelato there. The Deer Park had great nachos--but you'd better be eating with a small army! I'm sorry to hear that the Crab Trap is closed. Loved that place, both as the Crab Trap and the Trap. Also, I think the Stone Balloon is also now closed.

          Another place to try is Homegrown. Kind of a hippie-ish vibe, but I've had some interesting meals there. And Saigon Vietnam and Ali Baba have some good food. Sinclair's always had great breakfasts.