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Cider in Central New Jersey

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Anybody have any recommendations for good places to get apple cider in central Jersey? Say, anywhere from New Brunswick/Princeton to Spring Lake to Freehold?

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  1. It would be hard to find better cider than the one from Delicious Orchards on route #34 in Colt's Neck. It is also an excellent food market. I especially like the baked goods--the pies and donuts are wonderful.

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      Rachel Perlow

      I've never actually been there, but my brothers' in-laws cater Thanksgiving from there, and the food was always good.

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        The holidays aren't the same without their fabulous apple cider, in addition to the best brownies I have ever tasted (yes, with walnuts). The store is HUGE, with extensive produce, cheese, and coffee departments. (Looking for obscure herbs? Find them there!) Also, if you have kids or grandkids, take them pumpkin-picking there before Halloween. . .it's a treat!

      2. I agree that Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck has good cider. I believe they also sell fresh hot donuts. But be prepared for crowds (bus tours!) and high prices.

        Go to Delicious Orchards for cider. If you want a nice well-stocked farm market with good pies and a garden center -- with more reasonable prices, go to Dearborn Farms on Rt 35 in Holmdel. See url below.

        Link: http://www.dearbornfarms.com/

        1. Val beat me to it. :) Delicious Orchards, hands down. There's also a great bead store in the little shopping center across the street - The Birds and the Beads. Terhune Orchards (http://www.terhuneorchards.com/) in Princeton might also be a good stop. Princeton in the fall is a wonderful day trip.

          Link: http://www.gooddeed.net/vacation/

          1. Go with Delicious Orchards..Terhunes is overpriced and phony...there is also another cider place just west of Delicious Orchards closer to Hightstown.

            Link: http://www.ebulkcandy.com

            1. Nettie Ochs' Cider Mill, 32 Old Short Hills Rd., Livingston, NJ has wonderful cider.

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                Terhune Orchards hands down and be sure to try their cider donuts

              2. I'm partial to Wightman's FArm on Rt. 202 in Morristown.

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                  Good Call, I didn't even think about that

                2. Wemrocks in Freehold, on Business Rt. 33 & Wemrock Rd. has good cider. They also sell home made pies, fruit/veggies, hard to find sauces (Anchor Bar wing sauce, etc.), plus have a Tomasello's Winery in there. They also jar their own jellies and jams. Good country-bumpkin type of place.

                  1. Is anyone old enough to remember Rath's Orchard and huge apple cooling building in East Brunswick, just off Cranbury rd.? Great childhood memories. The strong apple smell of the cooler and the cider was outtasight. When mom dies and goes to heaven, it will be to Delicious Orchards.

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                      We moved from NYC to East Brunswick in 1975, was Rath's around then? I do not remember it at all. Even back then we drove down to Delicious Orchards for the cider, donuts and chocolate cookies - not to mention the great produce.

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                        No, this was the 50's! Half a mile from the high school. A very fond memory. The Zalenski' stand on Cranbury Rd near the split to Milltown are my cousins. but the farm used to be 3 times as big. Two of the brothers sold out.

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                          Oh well I was around in the 50's but not in EB - but I do remember mama. Do you still live in EB Passa...?

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                            Nope, driving down from Maine tomorrow to visit mom for a week and chow down!

                    2. I second (or apparently, ninth) Delicious Orchards Cider. Pure and quality.

                      Please do yourself a favor and load up on the cider donuts as well.


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                        One of my favorite summertime libations (when cider is perhaps at less than its peak) can be found at Delicious Orchard's cider bar - I ask for a cup (or 2) of half cider half orange juice (which along with the lemonade, is also quite good at DO). Then take it down to Keyport to wash down a shrimp and scallop platter at Keyport Fishery.

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                          I should know more, but what is story with Keyport Fishery? I have driven by few times and heard things about it and seen recently on the way to Drews? Is it worth the trip down?

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                            Always worth a trip to the Keyport Fishery IF you enjoy fried fish. This take out joint has been around forever because the food & prep is consistently wonderful. I love the scallops & shrimp platter while my dh always caves in for the mixed platter (includes flounder). French fries, homemade (signature) coleslaw. I usually take an extra coleslaw tub home. Closed Monday.

                            Here's what fellow hounds have to say:

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                              thanks, I hope to try it out soon.

                      2. Please do yourself a favor hold off on getting cider - I have it on good authority (one of the largest cider producers in Central Jersey) that the best cider comes in the fall of the year. Cider pressed today (June) is produced friom apples harvested in the fall of '07 and stored. He won't press cider between Dec and Oct - the apples are OK but not great. So it waits.

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                          Try telling that to my taste buds that just finished tasting a 1/2 gallon of cider from Delicious Orchards that was outstanding. I suggest that your cider authority has a problem processing in the summer months, which is not the case with the DO...

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                            Yes, indeed, my farmer friend DOES have a problem processing cider during the summer months - the apples have been sitting around in storage for 8, 9, 10 months! For 50 years his name has been associated only with the freshest natural cider and he wants to keep it that way! Not that there's anything wrong with cider pressed from apples that old; if you can eat a 10 month old apple out-of-hand, you might enjoy the juice from it. My taste buds like fresh; so I wait till the proper season - like with Jersey tomatoes and sweet corn - o everything there is a season!