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Sep 27, 2000 05:06 PM

Bordentown New Jersey

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Mastoris Diner may be the largest, and busiest, diner on earth. Not bad, not much notable. Except for:

Wonderful, luscious corn pudding! It's one of the vegetable choices of the day, and seems to always be available. Very sweet and rich, could be dessert. Seems to be made with dried corn, or tastes like it. Great!

One other thing: The complimentary cheese bread and cinnamon bread brought at the start of the meal. Most people seem to take it home for tomorrow's breakfast. The cheese bread filling is like very vanilla-y Italian cheesecake. One small loaf is provided per person.

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  1. The notable thing there for me is the french toast made with biscuits. Real good.

    The cheese and cinnamon breads are also pretty good. Gotta try the corn pudding.