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Sep 19, 2000 08:16 AM

Marita's in New Brunswick: Pretty Bad

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Went to Marita's in New Brunswick last night, based partly on the recommendation of a post I read here. I'm not sure if it's always like this, but I doubt we'll go back.

The salsa had the texture of tomato paste. Seriously. Just as thick, and only a marginal improvement over the canned stuff.

The menu was very boring: tacos, grilled chicken, jalapeno poppers, cheese dip. I ordered "chicken con chipotle," but the sauce was way too sweet and I couldn't discern any chipotle flavor. It was your standard bad tex mex fare: two gloppy tortillas filled with chicken shredded into paste and doused with the too sweet sauce, and served on top of 18 pounds of bland, lukewarm rice. My wife ordered mango shrimp -- the gelatinous sauce was slathered over everything, including the rice. She ate the 5 shrimp and little more. We tried mini chimichangas for an appetizer and the pastry seemed, again, too sweet -- maybe it's me. The avocado cream sauce they were served with was edible, barely.

Even the margaritas were bad -- one too watery, one way too strong.

Ugh. Juanita's in Red Bank is better than this place, I think.

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  1. Marita's? P'tooey!
    The Mexican population in New Brunswick has exploded in recent years and consequently a number of Mexican restaurants have opened in New Brunswick. Most are located on Albany Street. They are small, unassuming, cheap and often good.

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    1. re: Harold

      Oh well, we'll be trying again soon. If you have any specific recommendations, I'd love to hear them.


      1. re: John Tracey

        La Oaxaqueña 1, 2, 3, & 4 and Noah Noah. I'm not kidding about the names. The easiest to get to from Marita's is Noah Noah. Turn left after leaving Marita's and walk a few blocks. It's on your left, on a corner. As for La Oaxaqueña, it's a longer walk up the same street, also on your left. The higher number Oaxaqueña's are on side streets. Let me know how you make out.

        1. re: Harold

          Any suggestions re: which La Oaxaqueña to try? Do they increase or decrease in quality as the number goes up?

          Also, what's the deal with Noah Noah? Never heard of it (though La Oaxaqueña has often been discussed on these boards...see the Tristate Region board).

          Details, Harold, we need details here! (gg)


          1. re: Jim Leff

            I know, I know. The devil, or God, depending on your preference, dwells in the details. I've only been to La Oaxaqueña (sin numero), and only once, and they didn't have what I ordered (Rabbit) but it was so damn cheap so I had a very big Milanesa with refried beans and it so plentiful, and a salad, and the hot tacos kept coming that it awakened the memories of real meals in Oaxaca way back before Oaxaca was "discovered" ('64), although people told me then that I should've been there in the 50's when it really wasn't discovered. Besides, can you imagine eating at Maritas?

            I haven't eaten at Noah Noah yet but when I do I'll post a msg. None of these places are fancy. They cater to the local Mexican population and the occasional student. Neither serves beer or liquor.

            1. re: Harold

              Thanks, Harold. Never be too abashed to post incomplete notes about in-progress chow check-outs. We're all here to help each other and contribute whatever knowledge we have. ALL our various research is in progress to some extent!

              All for the greater chow good...

              1. re: Harold

                -> Besides, can you imagine eating at Maritas?

                Hey, I only went there because someone recommended it! Cut me some slack!

                I'm gonna try Noah Noah or one of the other places ASAP, though.